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Steve Scott the Banner Guy is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for customer service, marketing, design and providing all his clients with far more value than they will ever pay for. Banners have a reputation for being a little "Old School" and past their use by date. Steve is changing that view by providing banner designs that use his marketing savvy, combined with vivid colour and design that you don't often see anymore. Steve banners work.

The New Hi-Viz Tow Smart Motorhomers Sign

By steve | Vehicle Under Tow Signs

If you have been thinking about a vehicle undertow sign for your flat towed vehicle you may have already seen my tow smart range of signs for motorhomers like you.

Tow Smart has been popular with motorhome owners for the past 3 plus years.

I ask my existing customers the reason why it has been so popular. The answers I hear most are it’s easy to see, easy to use, and fits in your glove box when not in use.

Tow Smart was designed to help meet your needs went flat Towing out there on the Aussie highways and byways.

The new high visibility version of Tow Smart goes up another level.

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