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By Steve - The Banner Guy | Charity Banners

Charity flag - Dymocks Childrens Charity

Here is a design for a Charity flag I was working on for Dymocks Children’s Charity –

Working with charities and helping organisations with their charity banners and flags is a great source of satisfaction to me at

It is rewarding to be able to offer my assistance to people who devote their time and energy to helping others – regardless of whether these others are people or animals.

I salute you all and think what you are doing is very noble indeed. You deserve our recognition and our praise as often as we get the chance to give it.

That is the main reason I write this article today. To give my sincere thanks to all those involved with any charity around Australia and indeed around the world.

Some of the organisations I have been fortunate enough to help directlyover the last few months are here on this page. These are the charity banners and flags I have helped them with.

Now that said as much as I would love to provide me services FREE of charge to any charity, doing so would have me out of business very quickly – and that’s no use to the charities involved or me.

What I can do though is provide all of my banners, flags, banner stands, X banners, in fact everything in my promotions inventory at the very best prices I can.

So if you need help with a simple charity banner for your organisation drop me a line. If your organisation needs flags for a fund raiser let me know. If you need any help at all with your promotion items please give me a chance to help.

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My artwork for you will be FREE of charge, and the prices I will give to you to help out will be the best you will find in Australia. If any other flag or banner provider can do better for you I applaud them.

After all this is about helping one another, and if we can do that a little better, that’s only a good thing – don’t you think…

If you like what I have said here, click the Fb “like” button above. The more people and charities we can let know about where they can find cheap charity banners and flags the better.

Thanks for reading.

Steve – The Vinyl Banner Guy




Charity X Banner




Charity Banner

The Wombat Protection Society’s Banner – Find them here –

Charity flag - Dymocks Childrens Charity

Here is a design for a Charity flag I was working on for Dymocks Children’s Charity –


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