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Car Rear Window Ad

Perforated vinyl rear window advertising stickers are a brilliant way to promote your business, everywhere you go.

Think about it, most Australians have a driving mentality, its like second nature.

Your custom window sign will be seen and looked at thousands of times over its life.

A window sticker shows you are keen about your business, and they don’t make your car look like a delivery van either.

Current Rear Window Ad Options

  • Full Design & Artwork and Installation – $400 – ouch
  • Standard DIY Window Sticker – Self Installation – $175-$220
  • My Intro Special – DIY Rear Window Stickers – $159 (1.3sq. mtrs)
    • Plus Get an Identical Window Sticker Free (2 for 1 Sale)
    • Think of It as your DIY Sticker Insurance

Custom made car signs can be costly, your artwork alone can set you back $200.

Forget that. Right now, you can own a custom made rear window sticker for your car, your design specifications, help if you need it – by me – for free.

Your Rear Window Sticker Proof artworkNow no joke, this is an excellent offer, though some people will still cringe at the thought of putting a big window sticker on their car.

They get turned away because they think they might “Ball’s it Up”, and waste their money.

The truth is, car window stickers are easier to put on than normal stickers. Much Easier. You can do this. They are made of a perforated vinyl fabric, this makes a huge difference.

Perforated vinyl car windscreen stickerHere’s why.

When putting on your rear window sticker, you can lift up and re-stick it several times without hurting it.

This helps you to adjust your stickers position on your window more easily, even if its just been stuck down.

The stickers adhesive side will not start to set for about 1-2 minutes. So you have time and can adjust your sticker till its right.

See the video below, you will wonder what all the fuss was about.

With your identical Backup sticker in reserve you’re away.

Perforated Window Stickers Are Easier to Fit than Normal Stickers

As the name suggests, perforated vinyl stickers are full of holes. What this means is the old curse of fitting BIG stickers, the dreaded “air bubble”, is gone..

With perforated vinyl fabric, there is no way an air bubble can form. Too many holes.

I searched and found a great video that demonstrates how simple a rear window sticker can be to install yourself. This is by in the US, nice vid guys:

Right now you can get two, identical rear window signs for $159.

Big enough for any normal car, van or 4WD, and receive another identical window sticker, FREE.

Think of it as your insurance policy.

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Window Sticker Design Template

How to Get The Most From Your Rear Window Sticker 

Marketing Tips

Don’t make your rear window sticker a big business card. You window sticker can be with you for up to 5 years,

Think about what you want your sticker to do for you. Be specific. Complete the following statement ;

My Car Window Sticker Should_________________________________;

  • 1. Lead Generation
  • 2. Boost New Memberships
  • 3. Add Traffic to My Website
  • 4. Get Fb Likes
  • 5. More People Calling Me
  • 6. Your choice.

Once you know what you want your sign to do, you can start thinking of ways that will encourage your prospects to want to take action. Here are some examples below;

Eg. 1 .“Like us on Facebook for Express Delivery” – Facebook Like Campaign
Eg. 2. “Buy Direct From Our Website – Save 10% on Everything” – Traffic 
Tip: Use of a QR- Code Here…(More About QR Codes on signs)

Car Rear Windscreen StickerCan you see where this is more powerful than a BIG business card on your back window?

Look at your rear window sign from this perspective, and you’re ahead of a big slice of your competition immediately.

How many rear window ads have you seen that made you want to grab a pen or grab your phone?

I rest my case.

It is not the rear window space that’s the problem. Its the message.

Your message needs to offer an immediate benefit to the people you want as your clients.

A “Call to Action” often works best here.

What do these people need? What can you offer them to help persuade them to take action?. Reward them for taking the action you want.

If you need some help with this, drop me a note. I can help crank up the volume on your rear window sign, so it can really help, more people to connect with, and your business.

2 Identical Custom Made Rear Window Stickers for $159 with GST, exceptional deal.

Use the form up the top of this page, let me know what you have in mind. I can draft Artwork for you in 24 hours, custom made for you, and your business. $159

Contact Steve for more.

Wishing You the Best of Success, thanks For reading

Steve – The Vinyl Banner Guy


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