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Best Vehicle Under Tow SignVehicle Under Tow Sign

So you about to embark on the Great Australian road trip sometime soon?

Then good on you! I’ll bet you have worked long and hard to get where you are, to be able make it happen..

How My Vehicle Under Tow Sign Came About.

A good mate of mine, Mike is soon to start his own Aussie driving adventure.

He has a motorhome, behind which he is towing a Suzuki Vitara, he says it’s his wife Fran’s car…

Mike told me of the hoops he had to jump through to get everything passed before he could set off. I was staggered.

The list of requirements and insurance he had to organise before he could get underway was as long as your arm, and expensive too.

About Vehicle Under Tow Signs Sizes;

  1. Vehicle Under Tow Sign for Suzuki Vitara
  2. Vehicle Under Tow Sign for Daihatsu Terios

Vehicle Under Tow Signs

A custom made Vehicle Under Tow Sign is no problem either. I am happy to make your Vehicle Sign for you, no additional cost either.

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Mike came to me for some help.

He had been having drama finding a better solution for a “Vehicle Under Tow sign” for the back of his Suzuki Vitara. (pictured here).

Before finally coming to see me Mike went for a sheet of Corflute to display inside the back window of his Suzuki, sorry I mean Fran’s Suzuki (Sorry Mike).

Corflute make a great For Sale sign out the front of someones house, its useless as a Vehicle Under Tow sign.

It bends and creases, and frankly is a pain to have to store while not in use.

Best Vehicle Under Tow Sign in Oz

Why Go Through Hoops For Your Vehicle Under Tow?

StevesVehicleUnderTowSize2The solution to the problem we came up with was a light weight polyester banner that he could wrap around the rear door of his 4WD..

It fits neatly across the back door of his (Fran’s) 4WD, it takes less than a minute to put on, and remove. And when not in use it folds up neatly to easily fit in the glove box.

It fits so well it looks like a vinyl sticker across his back window. Try getting a look that perfect from a sheet of corflute or plastic…

Now I know I am biased, but frankly, I think this Vehicle Under Tow sign is a pearler, it really looks great, And Mike likes it too because it doesn’t spoil the look of his new rig. My Dad feels the same about his BIG rig.

Simple to Use & There’s No Drilling Or Special Clips to Damage Your Rig

The Vehicle Under Tow sign is easy to use, it fastens at the rear using a couple of occy straps (even a couple of bits of string would fasten it). So there is no drilling, no special clips, nothing that will risk damaging your expensive rig or your 4WD. Just plain old, bog standard octopus straps, and just little ones at that.

The seal on your four wheel drives rear door secures your sign as tight as a drum. It fits so well you will think its a sticker when put on correctly, it just looks great.

I have even included a couple of eyelets in the centre (top and bottom), so you can secure it to your rear wiper to help keep it in place and centred. It is just that easy and simple to use.

Your Rear Door Seals Anchor Your Sign In Place – No Drilling & No Flimsy Clips

And once in place and when you close the rear door, your sign will be held secured by your doors seals, without marking or damaging your car one bit.

The Technical (& Legal) Stuff

From a legal aspect, all the the lettering on the sign measure 82mm tall (minimum), with the Under Tow lettering being 90mm tall, so it is a good 10-15% above the minimum size required by law.

As you can see from the image, the colour is vivid and easy to read, and will look just as good on your rig as it does on Mikes Vitara.

The sign itself is made of durable, woven polyester fabric (like a flag but much tougher). It is tear and fade resistant and has double reinforced seams top and bottom, to help secure the fastening eyelets firmly.

If you would like your own “smart” Vehicle Under Tow sign, just like Mike’s, send me a quick message using the form at the right of this page (up near the top).

The introductory price is $88 including GST. I will express post your vehicle sign to you – Australia wide, free of charge from my office in Wangi Wangi NSW.

I should mention again, the Vehicle under Tow sign was designed around the current shape Suzuki Vitara, and should be compatible with alll 4WD’s in its class.

If however, you have some special size requirements for your rig, just let me know. I’ll be happy to custom design and create your sign for you, exactly as you need – No Problem.

If you have been looking for a simple and effective “Vehicle Under Tow” sign for your Motorhome’s A-Frame towing rig. One that won’t damage your vehicle or spoil the way it looks, I think this is the very best solution available.

It is rip and fade resistant too (See My guarantee below).

Drop me a line to get yours now.

Use the form at the top right of  this page, and remember if you need something special, just let me know.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your Great Aussie Adventure.

Drive Safe & All the best.

Steve – The Vinyl Banner Guy.

My Guarantee

PS. If your Vehicle Under Tow sign tears or fades within the first year of your buying it, I will replace it for your FREE of charge – No Questions Asked. I will even mail it to wherever you want it to go – free.

Customise Your Sign –  Include Your Name, Address & Phone Number Too

So you want to personalise your Vehicle Under Tow sign? No Problem, I can include things like your name, address and a phone number, in case your sign goes missing. Anything you like really. Let me know This adds $10 and about 7-8 working days to your signs delivery, I will need to make it specially for you – from scratch.

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