Band Banners & Backdrops

They Help You Be Recognised (& Remembered) By Any Audience, Even If They Have Never Seen You Perform

Professional Entertainers (esp. Muso's) know they need to promote themselves effectively.

As part of the Music & Entertainment Industry, you already know this.

Promoting yourself while you're On-Stage can be one of the most potent ways to build your "Fan Base". Key is, your crowd knowing who they see performing on-stage.

That's why Band Banners (Backdrops) are an integral part of the Stage Kit for most all serious performers, Headliners too.

It can be easy to so sabotage these LIVE opportunities. And some Bands do.

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Why? Well, doing nothing is easy & it can be hard to have everyone on board with a backdrop for a range of reasons.

In my experience, the "Reasons" often falls into three main areas that foster of doubt:

With The Help Of A.I. “You Can Let Your Imagination Soar”
  1. 1
    How much will it cost & is it really worth it?
  2. 2
    What if we don't have any artwork or a logo?
  3. 3
    How can we make sure that we get it right anyway?

Any of these sound familiar?

They're all valid concerns. Though taking any risk can be... uncomfortable, after all getting up on stage contains some risk. I guess I am just trying to say that no decision is a decision too. A decision to do nothing & stay put.

Watch The No B.S. Video By Australian Band "KRAVE", Backdrop Unveiling

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A.I. Music Experts Discussing Backdrops in a coffee house

2 A.I.'s Discuss Backdrops (Y or N)?!?

Who is Steve The Banner Gu

Who is Steve The Banner Guy?

Below, I want to talk about common concerns that I discuss with a lot of Musicians, some of them a bit like you.

If you don't need a backdrop, no problem. This info (below) will give you facts so you can make an informed, intelligent decision based on experience rather than, hearsay, fear & misinformation.

Let me share some insights I've gained by working with 100's of local (and some overseas) Bands, so you can make up your own mind. After that it is up to you & I respect that.

About Cost & Value

1. Cost:
My regular Band banners & backdrops start at $297 with a size I call the Club n' Pub. At 2,000 by 1,500mm, this size best suits "boutique & intimate" venues & is often favoured by Soloists & combos. 

The Club n' Pub can be a good place to start.

For $297, the Club n' Pub (like all my Band Banners) includes your Backdrop's design, from scratch if needs be. Your design ideas can be combined with my free artwork service, so you can have your backdrop looking like a million $$$ & your design from zero to hero in just a few days.

My Artwork Service starts by creating your initial design draft (based on your ideas). I email this to you for your review. You can then give me feedback and instruction of what to do next.

We can do this, back and forth up to three more times, making any changes and modifications that you want along the way. 

This is so you can make sure your design is exactly what you want, long before we go into production.

Back to the numbers, all this costs you nothing until you are happy to Pull The Trigger. And Even then its only $97 to start.

I call this my "Slice & Dice" start up fee.

FYI, I use the same quality fabrics across my entire range of Backdrops (Band Banners), regardless of size or cost. I only use the best woven fabrics for stage & gig work these days.

It used to be PVC vinyl for band banners but these have gone "the way of the Dodo". PVC creases way too easily and is difficult to tour with.

I exercise the same care and attention to detail, not only for your design but your band banners construction too. And you are welcome to call on my experience at anytime along the way.

This is why I can offer you my 100% Satisfaction, Replacement Guarantee. This is unique in the industry as far as I am aware.

So regardless of whether your backdrop needs are for the mighty Club n' Pub or my largest regular Backdrop, The Awesome (6,000 by 3,000mm), the only difference is how big they are. The quality, care & individual attention are identical and that's Guaranteed .

The Club n' Pub has been the starting point for lots bands I have worked with, many of whom come back for larger band banners as they become more successful.

As a last word, while matching your backdrop to the venues you play is a factor, a band banner, any Band Banner, regardless of size is infinitely more effective than not having a backdrop at all.

Detailed Info - On Backdrop Numbers & Sizes

About Your Artwork

2. No Artwork, No Logo, No Biggie...
As I said above. I can do your artwork free of charge, all you need to do is have a good idea of what you want your backdrop to look like.

You can send me images that you find online, tell me your ideas or scribble them on a paper napkin and send them to me by phone photo.

I don't care how you send me your design so long as you can give me a good idea of what you want.

If you already have your design completed & print ready to go, just email it to me. There is none of that crazy "artwork handling charge" BS  that other places charge either. 

Just to be 100% transparent, if you do need something really fancy or complicated, a design that has more than say.. 6-8 hours of design time, I will need to charge you extra, though I will give you a heads up long before it would cost you a cent.

FYI, over 90% of bands I work with have zero cost for their artwork. I have put some examples below for you.

Band Banner Artwork Examples

How To Get Your Backdrop Right

3. Backdrop Tips - How To Get It Right

Whether it is your first band banner or your tenth, you of course want to make certain you get it right.

I've made a lot of backdrops over the years mainly for Aussie Bands but quite a few for U.S. based bands too. In that time I discovered what works and what doesn't.

Based on all the questions I get from Musicians and Entertainers just like you, I decided to put a video together to help you get a flying start. Lots of it you will know, other stuff you may not have considered.

The video covers just about everything you need to know, so you can get your Backdrop right the first time. In fact that's what my video is called.

If you want to watch it, I have a copy here for you.

Tips For Getting Your Backdrop Right - The First Time (Video)

To get started, or simply find out more:

  • Call Steve directly at 0415 1045 532
  • Text "BACKDROP" to 0415 1045 532 With your name & a good time to call.
  • Or Use the contact form above

The totals shown for my Band Backdrops (Band Banners) below are what I call my "Mates Rates". This just shows my best prices for Bands who decide to pay for their backdrop once they are happy with their artwork proofs & have authorised me to proceed to Backdrop production for them, that's all. Download the Hot Sheet PDF for more information.



Backdrop Title

Size MM

woven supatuff

woven blockout


6,000 by 3,000



The Headliner

4,600 by 2,900



The Music Fest

4,000 by 2,000



 The Laneway II

3,000 by 2,000



The Laneway

3,000 by 1,600



The Club n' Pub

2,000 by 1,500



Steve's Gig Backdrop Sizes
  • Oz Rock Express

  • The All Stars

  • The Cover Junkies

  • Foxy Cleopatra

  • The Eerie Things

Get Your Backdrop Right - The First Time

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Band Veteran Speaks About His Experience With Steve

To get started, or simply find out more:

  • Call Steve directly at 0415 1045 532
  • Text "BACKDROP" to 0415 1045 532 With your name & a good time to call.
  • Or Use the contact form above

4 Steps To Getting Your Band Banner / Backdrop

1. Start Your Artwork

Already have your design? If its Print Ready - 24 hrs, Need Help Add 3-5 Days

24 Hours

2. Proof Your Design

Review Your Design. Artwork Proofs & Mods are Emailed to you.

24 Hours

3. Make Your Banner

Happy With Your Design? You Pull the Trigger to put Backdrop into Production

8-10 Work Days

4. Out For Delivery

Once Your Backdrop is ready, I send it to you free, Aust. Post Express

2-6 Days

Here's What Other Bands Say


Steve was an absolute legend, he made the whole process a pleasure , from start to finish, terrific advice and help , blown away with the quality off work on the Finished product.

I cannot recommend him high enough, great job.

Gary Thompson

 Deep Creek Blues Band


First class, Quality service and quality product, Ask Steve for a price, gave him a copy of the bands logo. Steve provided a refreshed version of our logo which was fantastic which I accepted, purchased a 4m x 2m band banner & received it yesterday, all I can say is I am impressed. Steve also went out of his way to help me with additional logos that he did not have to do. I cannot say enough about the service. Sam

Sam McCaughey

The Blue Shamrocks


Steve is a legend! The easiest, most helpful and most sincere supplier we've ever encountered.

Clear and detailed communication, fantastic design ideas and the end product was of outstanding quality.

Oliver N.



It has been an honor to deal with you.

You have been one of the true professional businesses that I have dealt with.

I would also be happy to add your link and logo to our EPK and Website.

Danny Ortiz

Cover Junkies (Las Vegas)

The CoverJunkies - Las Vegas


Fully Protected by My 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

I know it can be hard to know where you can place your trust, a Band banner is a major investment in your Band's future. Let me go the extra distance for you.
If you are not 100% Happy with your Band Banner (Band Backdrop), I will create another backdrop for you absolutely FREE.

Tell me where I #@&%ed up, and I will replace your Band Banner FREE of Charge. Your risk is ZERO.


To get started, or simply find out more:

  • Call Steve directly at 0415 1045 532
  • Text "BACKDROP" to 0415 1045 532 With your name & a good time to call.
  • Or Use the contact form above

Band Backdrop FAQ: 

Here you can find the most frequent asked questions.

1. Why should entertainers consider incorporating band banners into their performances?

Band banners are crucial for entertainers as they help promote the band's identity and can significantly contribute to creating a memorable stage presence.

2. How does a backdrop enhance the overall stage effect for a band?

A backdrop can add a professional touch to a band's stage setup, visually engage the audience, and reinforce the band's branding, thus enhancing the overall stage effect.

3. What apprehensions might a band face when deciding on a band banner?

Bands might have concerns related to the cost of a backdrop, the availability of artwork or logo, and the assurance of getting a high-quality and fitting backdrop.

4. What can bands do if they lack their own artwork or logo for the backdrop?

No artwork is no problem, especially these days. All you need is an idea of what you want. Steve will help with your artwork, usually free of charge. You can consult with professional designers or you can get a start with an AI-assisted design. Steve can help here too. Some of the designs we have seen from this method lately have been "off the chart" good.

5. How can a band make sure their backdrop fits their needs perfectly?

By carefully considering the size, material, and design of the backdrop and collaborating closely with the backdrop provider like Steve, your band can ensure their backdrop aligns with their needs, their spirit & their budget.

6. Is the monetary investment in a band backdrop justified?

This is a personal question though the simple answer is Yes, the investment in a band backdrop is justified. Especially considering the promotional value, enhanced stage presence, and potential fan engagement it can bring. Steve's Backdrops kick off at less than $300.

7. How does a backdrop act as a promotional tool for bands?

A backdrop helps bands promote themselves by displaying their name, logo, or artwork prominently on stage, making it easier for audiences to remember and follow them. You can add social info too if you want. It's your call.

8. What variety of sizes is available for band backdrops?

Band backdrops come in a variety of sizes to suit different stage setups. Bands can choose from options like "The AWESOME", "The Headliner", "The Music Fest", and others based on their specific needs. All Steve's backdrops are custom made for you, so a custom size is no drama either.

9. What's the procedure for a band wishing to procure a backdrop?

Bands can directly contact backdrop providers like Steve The Banner Guy via phone, text, or contact form to discuss their requirements and start the process.

10. How do band backdrops contribute to establishing the band's brand?

Band backdrops help establish a band's brand by providing visual reinforcement of the band's identity during live performances, helping the band be remembered by their audience.

11. How does a band backdrop affect the audience's view of the band?

A professional and well-designed backdrop can enhance the audience's perception of the band, associating them with quality and professionalism.

12. What elements affect the pricing of a band backdrop?

The pricing of a band backdrop can depend on mainly the size. The fabric also makes a small difference. Artwork is not the drama it used to be. Over 95% of the Bands Steve works with don't pay a cent for their designs. You can see a few of these higher up the page. AI assisted design is also taking this to a whole new level.

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