To Make Things Better You Have To Listen To an Expert, That's YOU

I really appreciate your advice today and for sharing your industry experience using any of my Band products. Your insights make a difference. Thank you.

What is the name of your band (or show)?
What was your single most important reason to get a backdrop (or banner) for your band?
Can you describe how you used to do things before your backdrop/banner?
How did things change once you had your bands backdrop?
What was the biggest hurdle that you overcome, the one that may have stopped you getting your backdrop?
What did you like about your experience with B2bJv (the initial contact, any help along the way) & why?
What didn't you like about the process and why?
What were the deciding factors that made you choose me ( for your backdrop?
Now that you have used you backdrop (or band Banner), what hassles has it caused, how have you overcome them?
Would you recommend my band products and service? Why and Why not?
If a friend or associate was thinking about buying a similar product, what would you tell them?
Is it OK with you to share some of your insights to help others in your industry?

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Thanks Again