Kick Drum - Bass Drum Cover

Back in the day the face of your Bass Drum was often the first (and only) choice for promoting your band's name.

Band Backdrop were expensive then (they aren’t anymore) and someone in the band always knew someone a bit arty who could draw. They usually landed the job.

Decorating the face of your kick drum this way is a tough call.

You only get one shot at it and for good or bad, that was your band’s logo. You had to live with it until you could justify another head to replace it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the Kick drum (Bass Drum) art I have seen over the years.

My gripe was the finality of it. Replace the Drumhead.

The old way was good.

That’s what got me thinking, “I wonder if there is a better way?”
Initially I thought stickers.

Some drummers though, worry about the change of the sound of their bass drum.

I hear you. There would be some change, the head would vibrate a little differently and therefore sound a bit different.

So I thought some more.

graphic designer

What about a light fabric banner, a round banner that could sit in front of the head.

Sure it would touch the membrane of the head lightly, but it would have far less effect on the tone and quality of the sound.

The Kick Drum Banner was born.

These are normally $129 using your artwork or photo. Currently I have them on sale for $97 up to 28 inches (diameter) in size.

Hold the Phone.

Right now, with any Band Backdrop I create for you, you can get a Kick Drum Banner or sticker free based on your backdrop artwork.

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