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Gig Backdrops Work Hard For You Before, During and After Your Performance. So You Can Get The Most From Every Audience. Right Now You Can Get Your Custom Made Backdrop & FREE Amp Scrims From $593


And thanks for checking out my Gig Backdrop and FREE Amp Scrims Specials.

Like most bands you already realise how important it is to identify yourself to your audience.

This helps you get a return on all the hard work you put into your performance.

Both the work on stage directly, and the many hours of practise and planning that goes into your performance that your fans rarely see.

To really capitalise on your on-stage appearance these days, you need a bit more flash than an Arty kick (bass) drum bearing your name or logo.

And unless you are stepping up to a full blown light show, a Gig Backdrop (Band Banner some call them) is the perfect answer.

In many venues a Gig Backdrop is often the best choice.

Bands and performers I’ve worked with often have a sophisticated stage lighting and visuals already.

They also have a Gig Backdrop (or two) in their “Bag of Tricks” for when the venue demands it.

So they can perform with the same impact anywhere they appear.Back Yourself - No One Will Do It For You

Gig backdrops are certainly not High Tech (no cords to kick out ;). But make no mistake, done right, they are a very BIG show.

And they leave no doubt in the mind of your audience about who you are, what you do and what you and your music stands for.

Your bands spirit is delivered more effectively.

Anyway I feel as though I am preaching to the converted.

Band Season Gig Backdrop & Free AMP Scrim Specials

Right now, two of my most popular size backdrops are on sale.

Starting with the “Laneway II” (3,000 by 2,000mm) at $593 & the “Music Feast“ (4,000 by 2,000mm)

Woven Gig Backdrop FinishGig Backdrop Details You Should Know

All my Gig Backdrops are constructed this way.

1.  They are made using a Tough Woven Polyester fabric (I call Supa-Tuff).

2.  All my backdrops are available with your choice of either Nickel Plated, black chrome display eyelets, reinforced and rust resistant  or full length Pole Loops, top and bottom or both sides. You can even have a combination of eyelets and pole loops if you need it.

3.  All Backdrop & Scrim edges are fully hemmed and stitched for a better finish. This also adds to your Gig backdrops strength and longevity

4.  Every backdrop is digitally printed, so it will look great and be identical to your artwork and (or) your proof design. No nasty surprises when you receive your stage décor. Testimonials from other entertainers are located at the base of this page.

In my opinion, “Supa-Tuff” is the best material for Gig work available. It’s tough, crease resistant and easy to store and transport.

Stage décor made using Supa-Tuff is vastly superior in every respect to any equivalent made using PVC Vinyl.

2 x 2 metre Woven Blockout Gig BackdropVinyl used to be king of the hill, but these days, by comparison, vinyl is looking pretty sad. Old School in fact (and not in a good way).

PVC creases, and needs to be rolled (not folded) if you want it to keep looking good.

A single crease makes even the best PVC backdrop look like …. #$@t and once a crease is there, it is usually there to stay.

Folded 2x2mtr BackdropThis makes it a pain to tour and travel with too.

I only ever use PVC by request these days and I certainly don’t recommend it for stage work at all.

FYI, the woven fabrics are so good, I even use them for my outdoor display banners exclusively.

I have had them on displayed on the front of my building for the last few year.

Amplifier Scrims & Stage Decor

3 Scrim Custom Amp Combo Special - Saving $100

Amp Scrims are a recent addition to my Stage Décor Range and they are certainly an awesome way to change the face of your Amps into some valuable real estate to help promote your performance and your band.

Gig Backdrop Brain DumpAmp Scrims are the perfect tool to help direct your audience to your social media pages on Facebook or your Band Pages.

Think of the likes you would get if you showed a link to a free track for your audience to download on your scrim.

They are an ideal location for this use and are like little billboards in their own right. Why not use them this way.

Amps are made for it.

They are far more visible than the face of your kick drum, and why only advertise your Amp’s manufacturer anyway. This space is begging to be used to help promote you and your band.

My Amp scrims are created using the same fabric as my backdrops and are custom made to suite the size of your Amps – no one size fits all.

I add 300mm to the top of your Scrim designs, this is made to sit underneath your amp head and hold your scrim in place. Sooo easy.

An individual Amp Scrim, custom made for you and up to a square metre in size is normally $119. Right now 3 scrims are yours for $197, that’s $160 off.

The edges are fully hemmed and you can use your own artwork or have me help you with a design or “Call to Action” for promoting your Social Media pages like we spoke about above.

Sale my 3 Scrims Combo – up to 2.8 square metres total (all 3) – Custom made for your Amp sizes. And the $197 special Combo amount comes with Free Australia Wide Delivery. Saving you a few more spondulicks off the top.

Gig Backdrop Specials

Back Yourself - No One Will Do It For You

Now if this resonates with you for your Band, use the contact form up top of this page and let me know (Or press the Game On Red Button here). I will be happy to give you any more info you need.

If you have been looking around for a Gig Backdrop you will already know how cheap these are. Get in touch now.

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In any case all the Best to you and your band.

Have a Good One


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