This Information is Exclusively For Community Recovery Officers stationed at LGAs Within N.S.W.

For the Community Recovery Officer Facilitating access to recovery information in Your Area

Preparation Can Be Our Best Defence Against Bushfires. What Else Can You Do To Help People In Your Area Get The Information They Need?

Digital Information Can Be Comprehensive

But Does Everyone

Who Needs It, See It?

Getting timely information in front of those who really need it can be a real challenge.

Knowing How To Prepare For Bush Fire Saves Lives

You help share all the "what to do & how to prepare" info about Bushfire. Using every medium available to you. Unfortunately, there are still people who never see this information. Whether lack of online savvy or just a lack of urgency, this information can literally save lives.

And there is no more important time than now with Bush Fire Season heading our way  (I'm in Cessnock)..

What Else Can I Do To Increase Awareness?

All of us are awash with information these days. So how do you achieve "Cut Through" with your message?

The "importance"  of your message, is not enough. You need to have your message seen.

I want to send you one of my Bushfire Preparation Pole Banners for FREE. I admit, I'm a "Fan Boy" for this kind of message delivery, but only for good reason -  that is, they Work. My second reason is I'm working with a fellow N.S.W.  C.R.O. right now. 

It's not fair for me to mention the name of the C.R.O. I am working with, though in the last few months, what we have created (with the help and guidance of the local RFS) is a series of outdoor banners that will help bridge any gap in their Bush Fire Preparedness campaign.

My aim was to help make sure that everyone in their community is informed and kept safe & with far less people falling through the cracks regardless of technical savvy.

The vehicle used for this are Pole & Roundabout (or Street) Banners. 

Pole & Roundabout (or Street) Banners. All  providing simple, straightforward information for everyone

All of which are providing simple, straightforward information for everyone about what they can do to prepare and if needs be, do in case of a Bush Fire (see above).

I like Pole banners & Street banners because they are a passive, simple and non-invasive information conduit that can help you pass on an important Bush Fire message every time a resident (or visitor) picks up groceries, goes to work or plays in the park with their children.

Do Simple Tools Like This Work? Try One for Free, On Me

That's Why I Want You To Have a Bush Fire Preparation Pole Banner Free

Pole Banners don't demand our attention but they will attract attention and this is why they are such a strategic way to deliver your message.

They are a powerful reminder to your residents of what they need to do to prepare and how to act when Bush Fires arrive. And they do this every time a resident comes into town.

Help keep your residents aware, informed and protected  every time they pass by.

Pole banners are highly visible without being in your face. They attract attention but there is no technology to fail or maintain. 
They just work.

FREE Pole Banner Offer For Fire Threatened LGAs (With No Strings Attached)

Here’s What You’ll Get

While working with a fellow C.R.O. on this year's Bush Fire awareness campaign in a N.S.W. Council about 200kms from where I'm located, I thought, why not share some of the effort already put into this Bush Fire Preparation & Awareness campaign by offering a Free Bush Fire Banner to other Community Recovery Officers who have the same challenges in their areas.

Can you can use a Bush Fire Preparation Pole Banner like the one shown here? If you can, let me know using the contact form below. I'll organise it for you (delivered free) with zero obligation.

Could a Pole Banner help complete the picture in your area and make certain you reach everyone you can in your community? What if it saves one home, one heartache, one life? Would it be worth it?

That's why I am reaching out to you now.

Would I like you to get products like these from me? Of course I would but that does not mean I don't want to help you to help people in your area.

Try Bush Fire Preparation Pole Banner absolutely Free, Yes Zero Obligation.

Your free bushfire pole banner

One Banner Per LGA


 A Single Full Sized Pole Banner, Ready to Display and Use FREE. Try it & see how it performs in your Area Free


Your Bushfire Preparation Pole Banner Free

No Charge, Nada, Zero

  • Bushfire Season Design
  • To Use & Test in Your Area
  • An 800 by 2,000mm Banner
  • Zero Obligation
  • Delivered Free Of Charge
  • One Banner Per LGA

Contact Me With The Form Below To Organise Your Free Pole Banner.

18 banner "take action" pack

One Time Offer


18 Pole Banners, Two Nine Banner  Series for Bushfire Preparation, Custom Made For You Or For Your Next Initiative  


18 Pole Banners


  • Launch Your Initiative
  • Up to 3 Unique Designs
  • Up to 3 Shapes or Sizes
  • Your Own Artwork Or
  • We'll Help Design For You
  • Customised Quote
  • Guaranteed & Free Delivery

Contact Me With The Form Below To Find Out More

Do You Need More Than One Banner? My Simple, Straightforward Procurement Tools Can Help You

Custom Quote Sample

Here is a sample copy of how your Pole Banner quote will look. These are emailed to you directly for your review & are usually in your inbox in 24 hours or less.

Sample Quote

Artwork Proof Sample

Of course you can supply your own artwork but for those times when this is not possible, I'm happy to help.  Custom designs,  your instructions, quickly and easily.

Council Pole Banner Concept Proof Example

are You still undecided? just grab your Free Bush Fire Pole Banner Now (Zero Obligation)

Use the form below to get in touch with me & to let me know where to send your Bush Fire Preparation pole banner.

And if you like the idea of these beyond my free banner, let me know in the contact form below. I can help with a very rapid response too, should you need quotes etc. to help you with a Grant Application.

You are also welcome to ask me any questions you have, should you want more information or want to organise one of the special offers I have outline above, I am here to help.

Call Me, Steve Scott - 0415 105 532

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bushfire awareness

A Pole Banner can be a powerful tool for completing a Community Bush Fire awareness campaign.

Pole Banners Deliver Important Info Too
Bushfire Season Preparation Banner
woven fabric banner

No Poles, No Problem, my Roudabout/Street Banners are 3 metres wide & can be used almost anywhere you want.

Custom Woven Fabric Bush Fire Banner
Firies risk everything

How much difference will a little more awareness make to your community and the Fire Fighters who protect them?

It's Not Just Residents That Benefit

12 Month Full Replacement 

100%, 12 Month, Pole Banner Replacement Guarantee

So You Can Focus On What You Do Best

My Pole Banners are made using the best materials available & are overengineered in every phase of their manufacture to help make certain that the duration of service you receive far exceeds your experience & your expectations.

That said, stuff can happen, even with the best care and attention to detail. For that reason all my banners carry a comprehensive 12 Month, 100% replacement Guarantee from the day your banners arrive.

The reason? No Pole Banners are bullet proof and while I do everything I can to minimise any possible problems that you could experience, once outdoors & on duty, your banners are at the mercy of the harsh Australian elements & sun, wind, rain, storms combined with relentless UV radiation 24/7 can sometimes take its toll.

And that's why you deserve a safety net. It's one thing less on your plate that you need to worry about.. That's why I have my 100% replacement Guarantee. 

I've got your back

So you can be confident your banners will do the job you set for them, for as long as you need them without any worry of a premature failure or problems for a full year.

No questions asked.

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