Bunting Flag Standard Shapes

These long strings of waving flags add buzz and excitement to your event. They are festive without being too in your face. They let people know something special is going on.

Anywhere you need to draw attention, there are few ways more effective than Bunting.

Bunting Flag Standard SizeDid you know that Bunting is one of the oldest promotions products still in use today?

It dates back to the turn of the 17th century and was originally made from wool. Bunting has adorned extravagant ceremonies and has added pomp to political rallies and sizzle to shop fronts alike for centuries.

Why do we still see bunting today? Simple, it works..

There was a time when the only bunting available was little more than pretty coloured flags. Don’t get me wrong, these still work.

Though times have changed. Custom made bunting is now possible, even in short runs (from 15 metres).

Custom Bunting for Business

This makes it far more accessible and affordable for everyone who needs to engage with people in an entrepreneurial way.

Custom Made BuntingBunting is great for markets & shop fronts. It adds a little buzz and sizzle to whatever you have going on, Perfect for fencing off areas temporarily, car parks, guest areas.

Custom made bunting used to be very expensive, you had to buy kilometres of the stuff before you could have someone customise your flags for you.

Bunting Flag Shapes No Extra Charge

No longer.

Even if you only need 15 metres of bunting, but want the flags you’re flying to be about you?

How does $227 sound (including GST).

Let me tell you what’s included. Your bunting flag will be;

  1. 100% custom designed and made for you – your specifications
  2. My artwork is free for all my clients, so no hidden extras to pay.
  3. Your flags are full A4 size (210 by 297mm) Big
  4. Your Choice of Flag Shape Triangle, Round, Pennant & Flag
  5. Your Flags are spaced less than one flag width apart (200mm).

The flags themselves are made from woven polyester. Single sided printing that mirrors your design on the opposite side.

Custom made banners work for markets too. These examples here show a customised banner with matching Bunting flags. These really help Jean’s business stand out.

That said, if you need double sided printing (easy legible both sides), this requires the use of vinyl as the bunting flag substrate.

It’s no problem, these just work out a little more costly than the standard polyester. To help clarify my bunting prices, some popular sizes and types are listed below, along with prices to make things easier.

Bunting TemplatePlease contact me if you need a more detailed quote. Custom flag size and spacing is no problem.

If you are ready to get started, contact me using the quick form towards the top (right) of this page.

Should you still want to think about your design first, please feel free to download my Bunting Template here to help you with your ideas. Even hand drawn is OK.

Whatever you have in mind let me know.

Bunting does work, and as I said earlier, having your message on your flags make you look good.

All the Best with your next Promo event.

Contact me for more information.