Men’s Shed Banner for the Wangi Wangi Men’s Shed N.S.W.

Over the past weeks and months I have been fortunate enough to be able to lend a helping hand and offer my vinyl banner services to a very worthwhile Aussie movement, the Australian Men’s Shed Association.

I have already helped put together a number Men’s Shed banners for Men’s Sheds around my area in New South Wales (examples of these Men’s Shed banners are shown on this page) and am pleased to now be able to offer this service Australia wide.

Why would you want a Men’s Shed Banner for your shed?

I first found out about the Men’s Shed movement through a good mate of mine, Noel Butler (thanks Noelly). He told me of the good work the Association does and asked me about producing the first Men’s Shed Banner the Wangi Wangi Men’s Shed here on Lake Macquarie.

I had never heard of the Men’s Shed Associations existence prior to this and was proud to help all I can. It occurs to me that there are many other men around Australian in the exact same boat who have no idea the Men’s Sheds exist.

How many other men around the country who can really benefit from being involved with the Men’s Shed movement, sadly have never heard of it?

Men's Shed Banner Examples

By having a vinyl banner for your Men’s Shed,, and using it when ever you have the opportunity, will expose the Australian Men’s Shed Association (and your Shed in particular) to a section of your community who may have never heard of it before.

Without this form of simple (and cheap) promotion, some potential members will never have the chance find out about the Shed movement any other way.

Your Men’s Shed Banner is also a great way to thank sponsors for their support as well as providing a way to bring new sponsors on board.

Whether you use your Men’s Shed Banner at your Sausage Sizzle at the local hardware store, or just fly your banner on your fence along the side of the road. Men (& women) will see your Men’s Shed Banner and perhaps (for the first time) be exposed to the Men’s Shed movement. Don’t we owe it to those people too?

Think about it, those men who don’t know anything of the Men’s Shed movement, aren’t they some of the most important people to let know that the Men’s Shed exists?

Now I am not going to go on and on about why you need your own Men’s Shed Banner, you know yourself if your Shed needs a banner or not, and if you do I need a banner to promote your shed, I have a very special offer for you.

Mens Shed Banner - FREE Artwork
All My Men’s Shed banners come with FREE Artwork (You supply Your Logo 🙂

Full Sized Men’s Shed Banner Special Just $147 (Including G.S.T.)

You can have your own custom made Men’s Shed Banner for just $147 including GST. I will help design your banner for you FREE of charge. I can use the colours and include the type of pictures or graphics you want, add your contact details and the words that you feel will best represent the unique flavour of your Men’s Shed, and deliver that message out to people who need to know about it.

If you would like a Men’s Shed Banner for your Shed, or would like to know more about my vinyl banner service, all you have to do is contact me using the simple Men’s Shed Vinyl Banner enquiry form below.

I will be happy to answer all your questions about my vinyl banner service and can even email your custom designed draft of your Men’s Shed banner to you, based on your instructions and specifically made to meet your Shed’s individual needs.

Fill out the Men’s Shed Banner enquiry form here on this page and I will be back in touch with you in less than 24 hours (and usually within the hour).

Thanks for reading

Steve –