IMPORTANT Note From Steve Scott

Everything has a time, Square Top Flags used to be a great solution. In my opinion they are not any more.

The reason, the banner hardware (the poles, connectors etc. – the stuff beyond my control) are not of a good enough quality any more for me to recommend to any client of mine.

If you were looking for a product to do what an Square Topped Flag used to be able to do, why don’t you contact me directly?

Let’s talk about what you want to do and the result you want to achieve. Between us we may just be we can come up with a solution that will give you exactly what you want.

In such a hard-nosed industry as property, how can you help distinguish yourself from your competition, and in the market that really counts. Your local property market.

Real Estate Auction FlagThis is where the lions share of your people are, right?

Of course you have to be online now,, (RPData) are the main go to sites for Real estate Professionals and property prospectors alike.

The trouble is, the listings all look the same. And your Branding through these sites for your property listings is minimal at best.

In the Property and Real Estate industry, marketing is everything, and standing out is becoming tougher and tougher everyday. We know online penetration is tough, expensive or both.

What About Marketing Locally Then?

All agents work the humble corflute sign pretty hard, and they work very well. Unfortunately Corflute signs these days, are used by every man and his dog.

You need to do something extra. With one or two property focused flags on site, at the pointy end of your marketing funnel, all your marketing becomes more effective.

Put yourself in the “Punters” place. You see corflute signs while driving everyday. Every other power pole seems to have a sign nailed to it. You become blind to them. They are static.

Now imagine you have an auction on a choice piece of Real Estate in your patch.

On your Open Day’s and the day of the Auction itself, would you prefer to have corflute signs marking the location, or have an easy to use 4,200mm tall “Auction flag” waving in the breeze at the front of the property? Imagine what one either end of the street would do, hmm?Open House Flag RE Promo

If you have something special going on with one of your properties, an “Open House” or an Auction. Nothing puts your sales event on the map – locally, more effectively than a Real Estate Flag.

Flags look classy, they help enhance your image, you look more polished and professional, and Flags get noticed.

Easy to look at, flags command your attention.

Agents flags stand out, you know something BIG is going on when you see them. This is all the more true when used on site, in locations not accustomed to this level of sales polish. As a result your promotions, auctions, open house days will all be more effective.

Not only do Real Estate Flags help you directly when using then on site or at the shop front. They will help you with farming your area more effectively too. Here’s how.

Even people who are not interested in your sales event there and then, will be far more likely to remember you when their time comes.

Your real estate flags remind local people you’re there. It makes you a little more familiar to them. You stand out, and that’s always a good thing.

Display Flag ShapesMarketing flags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are teardrop flags, feather, or beach flags, even knife shaped flags.

All do a remarkable job of catching your attention.

My personal favourite though is the square top flag (like those pictured on this page).


Real Estate flags work for a living, they have a job to do. You have a message you need to deliver to your prospects and by using any shape other than a clean rectangle, is a compromise.

Think about this, fancy shaped flags can be an advantage, Teardrop flags for instance are brilliant for logos. The problem is you limit the amount of “message real estate” on your flag by using any other shape than a rectangle.

Cutting corners for an attractive shape only chews away at the space you have to deliver your message with.

Fancy Shaped Flags

In my opinion, fancy shaped flags are a little like fishing lures.

Fishing lures are designed to catch the fisherman who buy them, every bit as much as they do the fish they are intended to catch.

Flag shapes help catch the people who buy them too. Think carefully about which flag shape will work best for you. What do you want your flag to do, leads to what will it need to say, leads to what shape will work best for you.

Square top flags by definition, give you the most “value for your dollar”. For any given flag size, a rectangular shaped – square topped flag has more surface area than any other shape. No space is wasted, take advantage of this.

Ground Spike Base included freeSquare top flags also last longer than other flag shapes. The square flags are not under load when in use.

Shaped flags on the other hand usually rely on the cut of the flag itself to bend the fibreglass flagpole to achieve the desired flag shape. This makes stress points of high load on the flag fabric.

This works the fabric very hard, and in time it will cause the flag to ware through and fail. The flag pole end will poke through and the flag will need repair or replacement.

Personally I have even tried using super tough sail cloth at the flag tips to prolong the life of shaped flags. They all eventually fail. A square flag does not have the same problems because there are no high load points. They last for years.

My square top Real Estate flags are on sale right now. A single sided, 4,200mm flag, complete with everything you need (including a ground spike base and carry bag) is just $329 delivered (no more to pay).

This size flag is normally valued at over $460.

This price includes GST, plus any custom artwork you may need. Your initial proof, plus up to three rounds of changes, all emailed to you as we develop your flags design, its Free.

I am happy for you to send me your own artwork and or logo for use on your flag too, there are no handling fees or any crazy hidden costs.

If you are interested in finding out more, use the contact form on this page to get in touch with me. I’m happy to provide you with a quote and put together a flag design that will knock your socks off. Well in as much as a flag design can 🙂

Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing from you and hope I can help you with your next real estate flags promotion.

Have a great day.

Steve the Vinyl Banner Guy