Wall Mounted Wall FlagsWhy Have A Wall Flag That Just Says You’re OPEN, When You Can Have a Custom Designed SUPER Sized Wall Flag That Will Funnel Prospects Through Your Doors Like Magic? 

Point of Sale Flags, End Sign Flags, Wall mounted flags, whatever you want to call them, are the best way to help customers to find you.

Wall Mounted Flags - Custom

They work at your shop front, factory unit or your office entrance.

The trouble is, Wall Mounted Flags on the whole are as boring as..(expletive deleted).

You know the ones I mean. The bog standard OPEN or SALE flags.

I can see a lot of thought goes into the messages on these. Boring.

I like all my signs (and flags) a bit more interesting. No that’s not the whole truth.

I like my signs to make you money, and make then as useful as I can for you.

Why Not Have a Flag That Sells For You?

These flags/signs are marketing opportunities – No Question.

Why just have the same shop flag as everyone else? It’s crazy.

Especially when the opportunity to find new customers for your business is right there.

If you are going to put up a flag, “Fly Your Own Flag”, not the one that everyone else is using.

All my wall flags are uniquely designed and custom made for you and your business so you can make more money.

They are not just another flag I pull off the shelf like everyone else does. Check out the designs on show here – There’s a mile of difference from a BOG standard – boring OPEN flag.

These are BIG fella’s too, 400mm wide and 600mm deep, they are 3 times the size of a regular sized Point of Sale flag.

Premium Quality Wall Mounted FlagIf you need a hand getting your design right, good news. My artwork is 100% Free for all of my clients.

Don’t Be Like Everyone Else

Your business is unique, you are unique, your shop flag should reflect this too.

Doesn’t All This Makes These Wall Flags Expensive?

Compared to a BOG standard OPEN Flag – Hell Yeh!

My custom Wall Flags will normally set you back about double the amount of a standard flag.

But these are not a standard flag.

They are a SILENT Salesman at your front door everyday, inviting people to come inside, talk with you and ultimately BUY Your Stuff.

    1. 3 Times The Regular Size
    1. 100% Custom Design Artwork 
    1. Made Using REAL Flag Fabric (Not Vinyl)
  1. Made to Be a Marketing Tool – To Increase Your Sales – Not Just Say you’re OPEN!

Right now my wall flags are on sale – normally $239 a piece, right now you can have one for your business for $199 with FREE Australia Wide delivery.

I Must be NUTZ

The artwork alone will take me or my design guy 2-3 hours to create for you.

Not only that, you get your initial design emailed to you, plus have the opportunity for up to three rounds of changes (all emailed to you), anything you want, before it ever gets created.

You proofs are emailed to you every step of the way.


So you can have a Wall Flag that not only lets people know you are OPEN, but one that helps turn passers-by into new customers.

This Wall Flag Won’t Cost You Money – It Will Make You Money.

Complete Wall Mounted Flag Pole and Bracket Kit

Your Wall mounted flag comes with everything you need.

Included are your custom designed flag, the pole, wall mounting bracket. I even give you the screws and double sided tape, you only need to supply holes and somewhere to put it.

Your custom designed double sided wall flag will help drive more new customers through your doors, and not just let passers-by know you’re OPEN ;).

The flags are real flags too – Flag Fabric & Genuine Double Sided.

They flutter – unlike the vinyl (cheapo) look-a-likes.

Custom Now Open FlagMade from Woven polyester flag fabric, each side made from a separate piece of woven cloth and carefully stitched together, back to back. They really do look great.

The work and design that goes into each of these flags makes them worth every bit of the $239 you would normally expect to pay.

Real fabric flags are better, they make your flag;

  • More Attractive to the eye of Passers-by
  • They move with the breeze to attract attention
  • And being multiple layers of woven fabric thick, they are not see through and exceptionally durable too.

A Custom Wall Flag Will Make You Stand Out?

Look for yourself. Will flags like these work harder for your business than a red and white OPEN flag? Duh!

Now if you have made it this far, I know you can see what a custom designed wall flag is capable of. Don’t settle for average, a custom wall flag that will do so much more than just let your prospects know you are open.

I am only offering this Special discount till months end. Act now to save $40 off the normal list price, plus enjoy FREE Australia Wide Delivery and Custom Artwork & Design for your Business.

  1. 3 Times The Regular Size – Easy to See and Read
  2. 100% Custom Design Artwork – Unique and tailored for your business
  3. Made Using REAL Flag Fabric (Not Vinyl)
  4. Made to Be a Marketing Tool – To Increase Your Sales – Not Just Say you’re OPEN!
  5. They are More Attractive to the eye – so more prospects can see you
  6. They Move with the breeze to attract attention more effectively
  7. Multiple layers of woven fabric, not see through
  8. They are exceptionally durable too.

To find out more, you can send me a message using the easy contact form on this page.

Thanks for Stopping by, and the best of success to you and your business.

Steve – The Vinyl Banner GuyCustom Wall Mounted Flags SPECIAL