Gig Backdrop Brain Dump

WARNING – Before YOU Talk With Anyone About a Backdrop For Your Band You Should Really Listen To Steve’s Gig Backdrop Brain Dump Audio – It’s FREE.

Steve’s No Non-sense Audio Guide on How To Get Your Band Backdrop Right, Calls on Experience With 100’s of Aussie Bands So You Can Make an Informed, Intelligent Decision About the Backdrop (Band Banner) For Your Band – So You Can

Get Your Backdrop Right The First Time…

An Open Letter To Australia’s Professional Musicians & Entertainers

Dear Music Professional

How long have you and your band been thinking about a Band Backdrop (Band Banner) to help “amp up” your performance?

It can be hard to know where to start.

Working with as many Aussie Bands and Entertainers as I have, chances are I have at least some idea of what you are going through.

Happy as I am to answer the questions that come my way about backdrops & scrims, from people like you in the music industry.

I always felt that phone calls and emails were a cumbersome way to put the information you need in your hands.

There was a lot of common ground in the concerns and questions when I spoke with Pro Muso’s about the do’s and don’t’s of getting their backdrops right.

Questions that, through experience, I have found answers to and pretty much nailed over the last few years.

To help make the process easier on you, I had to come up with a better method of delivering this information to you.

One where the majority of what you need to know about band banners (Gig Backdrops I call them), was available to you 24/7.

So you can get at it whenever you want – and not just during normal business hours.

Because you are not in a normal business (whatever a normal business is…).

To that end,  I put together a comprehensive Audio Guide based on my experience working with Aussie Bands (new and old, BIG and Up and coming), that answers the questions I most often hear.

I call it the Gig Backdrop Brain Dump.

It’s about 12 and a half minutes long and it goes a long way to answering much of what you need to know to get your Backdrop right.

The Braindump Audio is made so you can find out exactly what you need, and when you need to know it.

To help guarantee you get your backdrop and Amp Scrims spot on – The First time.

To be honest, it is information you can use whether you use me to help you or not.

A few of the things I talk about in the Brain Dump are;

  • Three reasons not to use PVC Vinyl for your Band’s Backdrop.
  • How you can use your Backdrop (and Scrims) to turn casual observers in your audience into fans.
  • Tips on how to make sure you get exactly what you want when you submit you artwork to anyone creating a backdrop for you.

To help keep this info in the hands of only the people it was designed for, I ask only one thing.

That you enter your name and an email address below, so I can send you the details to listen to the Brain Dump audio immediately and privately.

If you are keen to find out what you need to know I’ll talk with you on the other side.

Cheers & Thanks

To Your Success

Steve Scott –

If You Have Been Thinking About a Backdrop (Band Banner) for Your Band, You Really Should Hear The Brain Dump Before You Start Organising Anything

2 x 2 metre Woven Blockout Gig Backdrop

This is a Backdrop I made some time back for the “Recreational Rockstars”. The RockStars had their own print ready and beautiful artwork, the size was 2,000 by 2,000 millimetres. It was made using my very popular “Blockout Fabric” (I don’t recommend vinyl backdrop fabric) and was finished with both Nickel Plated Eyelets (rust resistant & Black Chrome in colour) and pole loops on both sides (Info about that in the Gig Backdrop Brain Dump).

A backdrop like this one is On Sale right now for $299 delivered Australia Wide. Production time is 5-7 working days from “print ready” artwork approval by you.

And if you need a hand with creating your artwork, No Problem, 95% of all my artwork is free. Special stuff, Band Logos & complicated graphics (really complicated) will be cost more. The reason being is I want to be able to offer you a complete & comprehensive service and I do use sub-contract Graphic Designers when I need something really special for you 😉


Steve (Contact Steve here)

I am here to help you, Contact Me for Any Info You Need