How To Mine More Fans From Your Audience Every Time You Perform

A custom made Gig Backdrop is the last word in promoting your performance.

It guarantees your audience know who you are, and at the best possible time, while you’re on stage.

It helps to brand your performance and these days an arty drum skin just isn’t enough.

I know being in the entertainment industry, any gig you go to, either to perform or enjoy. You’ll know every band and probably every artist you see. It’s your business and your passion, it’s important to you.

Though most of your audience are not that band savvy.

6 by 3 mtr Gig Backdrop EJ Experience

Your Gig Backdrop Helps Convert Your Audience Into Fans

Sure your fans know who you are, but they’re not the ones you are after. They will, of course, get a kick out of seeing your backdrop though.

It’s the other people in your audience. The ones who have come along to enjoy your performance, that we are after.

The people who may not know you, not yet.

This is an opportunity for you to turn them into fans.

Look, I am not going to harp on (no pun intended, maybe a little) about the benefits of a Gig Banner custom made for your band. You know this already, why else would you be here?

What your stage backdrop does, is use the time and effort you and the band have already invested in making sure you put on a great show and capitalise on it, as much as possible.

Dual Gig Backdrops for SevenHurtzYour performance is made more effective in so far as more people in your audience will find out who you are. And this starts working before you even hit the stage.

Your On Stage Billboard

Your backdrop is an effective on-stage Billboard until you start your first set.

Your gig backdrop won’t get everyone in your audience, but those people out there who like your stuff, won’t be left in any doubt as to who you are.

And that’s important.

What I hope to do with this band backdrop promo, is to make this vital piece of stage kit available to you, where price and design may have been an obstacle in the past.

My five most popular Band Banners sizes are listed below for your consideration. All your artwork is free, plus I have a few other goodies free to really help super-charge your band promotion. Band Backdrop Sizes Steve The Banner Guy

I’m happy to use your design, or together we can flesh out your ideas and come up with something unique, something you can be proud of and that will make sure your audience won’t forget you.

These days, my Band backdrops are made from a tough woven polyester. Like a heavy flag fabric.

They come fully hemmed. And you can have your choice of black (rust resistant) metal eyelets. Or full-length pole loops for display, I can even use velcro loops if you want.

You’re the boss and it is your call.

Woven band backdrops fold up beautifully and are easy to tour with.

They resist creasing and they really do help you get more from every performance.

If it gets marked or grubby, your can wash your backdrop, fantastic.

My digital printing is colour fast, though I would recommend using a bath or a basin to wash your backdrop by hand.

Mum’s washing machine may stretch the fabric. The sheer size of your backdrop in a washing machine might make this a risky proposition.

And we all give Mum a tough enough time already, regardless of how old we are. 🙂

That’s it.

Here are my Gig Backdrop prices, along with my useful list of bonuses to help convince you. All available to you for free.

If you need any more info, feel free to get in touch. I like working with bands and look forward to hearing from you.

All the best, or “Break a leg” may be more appropriate.

Have a Good One


PS. You can also save even more if you have your own “Print Ready” Artwork to use too 🙂 The BIGGER Your Gig Backdrop, the more you can save. 


Steve (The Gig Backdrop Guy)

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