A.I. Discussion On Backdrops...

Hello to the fellow Computer Nerds Out There

Steve (the banner Guy) here, I thought I would share something with you.

Long story short, in a previous life I was a computer geek, coding etc.

And while I don't make a living with computers directly anymore, they are still a big part of my day. Working with people like you, creating artwork & doing website stuff & emails, well you get the picture.

Old Habits Die Hard

It seems though that old habits can die hard. Not long ago when I heard about developments with A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), I was keen to find out more.

Did Some Reaseach - Enter ChatGPT


Once I did some research, I decided to use a free version of OpenAI's ChatGPT (you probably heard of this yourself). I experimented with it and began exploring ways to find out what I could do with this new toy... errhh, I mean tool.

I decided that I would be able to put this to good in all sorts of ways, which I do & I find I use it almost every day.

Though today (mid April 2023 as I write), it dawned on me that I should ask this very clever new tool about Band Backdrops & whether (or not) a Backdrop is a good idea for a Band to invest in.

I guess my writing this article is a bit of a spoiler for what the answer was, however, I thought that you may enjoy seeing how this all rolled out.


Below is the exact transcript generated by GPT-4, the A.I. model I use now. Just FYI, GPT-4 is a later, smarter & much more capable version of the original ChatGPT.

Ask The Experts - The A.I. Experts:

I asked the A.I. to set up two A.I. personas that were experts in the Live Music industry, I asked GPT-4 to initiate a conversation between these two "Entities" and have them discuss whether a Band Backdrop for a Band was a good idea or not.

The transcript is reproduced below for you, and if you haven't seen what these types of tools can do, you may be in for a bit of a surprise.

To tell you how this works, the script is I type queries or questions into the A.I. called "Prompts" to start the ball rolling. The A.I. then produces a response for you in plain language.

The Prompts I used to ask the question is shown (below) in a Light Grey Background, the output from the A.I. has a Blue Background, so you can see the difference between me and the A.I.

I have also placed the two entities engaged in the conversation in white & yellow respectively for ease of reading.

 I called these two Artificially Intelligent Agents, AI-1 & AI-2. Should have use a bit more imagination I know.

Have a look below and see what you think...



Let The Artificial Conversation Begin

This is Me!

My Prompt: GPT-4, can you initiate a conversation between two expert entities who are both
specialists in the live music industry. They are discussing reasons why musicians would or
would not benefit from a custom stage backdrop
Please let each entity learn from the other entity's response & opinion and use this to
prompt, build and develop the conversation towards an answer to the question of whether
musicians would or would not benefit from using custom stage backdrop
Please use short, concise responses.
At the conclusion, please summarise the salient points from the conversation and define
the final answer reached.

Many Thanks (I always like to be courteous with the A.I.)

A.I.-1: Custom backdrops can boost a band's visual appeal. Thoughts?

A.I.-2: True, but they can be expensive for smaller bands with limited budgets.

A.I.-1: However, a unique backdrop can create a memorable experience for fans.

A.I.-2: Good point. But for some genres, a minimalist approach might be more appropriate.

A.I.-1: Right, but a well-designed backdrop can still reinforce the band's brand identity.

A.I.-2: I agree. A backdrop can also make it easier for fans to capture and share photos,
creating more buzz.

A.I.-1: True. Although, setting up and transporting backdrops can be a hassle for touring

A.I.-2: That's a valid concern. But investing in a durable and portable backdrop can
mitigate that issue.

A.I.-1: So, it seems like custom backdrops have their pros and cons, depending on the
band's needs and resources.

A.I.-2: Exactly. It's essential for musicians to weigh these factors before deciding on a
custom stage backdrop.

GPT-4 Summary:
The conversation between the two expert entities revealed several salient points
concerning the use of custom stage backdrops.
Benefits include boosting visual appeal,
creating memorable experiences, reinforcing brand identity, and increasing social media
buzz. However, drawbacks such as costs, potential incompatibility with certain genres,
and logistical concerns must also be considered
The final answe
r reached is that musicians would benefit from using a custom stage
backdrop, but they must weigh the pros and cons based on their specific needs, resources,
and genre before making a decision.

End of Part 1: Funny, as I watched these two A.I. entities talk about the Pro's & Con's of a Custom Backdrops when it occurred to me that they were describing an old-fashioned PVC vinyl Backdrop. I stopped recommending or using Vinyl or P.V.C. BAckdrops years ago.

Upon realising I had not been specific enough in my initial request (the prompt), I created & I entered this follow-up and set the conversation on its way once more.

Nb. You can see that the queries - entries into the A.I. are in plain language (kind of), I admit, I try to keep the structure of what I ask as clear and as specific as possible.

This is Me!

My Follow-up Prompt: Can we continue this conversation with the additional information that Custom Backdrops are now available in a woven polyester fabric that can be easily folded for transport and storage, these backdrops are also lighter in weight than traditional backdrops and as a result, lend themselves to easy use in a wide variety of venues.
Thank you

A.I.-1: Custom backdrops are now available in lightweight, foldable woven polyester fabric.
This seems to address the concerns about transport and storage. Thoughts?

A.I.-2: That's an interesting development! It certainly makes custom backdrops more
accessible for touring bands.

A.I.-1: Indeed. It also opens up the possibility for bands to use multiple backdrops in
different venues, giving them more creative options.

A.I.-2: Absolutely. However, the cost factor still needs to be considered, especially for
smaller bands.

A.I.-1: True, but as the demand for these backdrops grows, we might see more competitive
pricing in the market.

A.I.-2: Good point. And with the ease of use, even bands with minimal crew can benefit
from these custom backdrops.

A.I.-1: Agreed. The new material also allows for vibrant and detailed prints, potentially
enhancing the band's stage presence.

A.I.-2: Definitely. So, it seems the benefits of these new custom backdrops outweigh the
drawbacks, making them a valuable asset for musicians.

A.I.-1: Yes, as long as musicians carefully consider their specific needs and resources,
these custom backdrops can be a game-changer.

GPT-4 Summary:
With the additional information about new lightweight, foldable woven polyester fabric
, the expert entities highlighted the increased accessibility, creative options,
ease of use, and potential for more competitive pricing.
Although the cost factor remains
a concern, the overall benefits of these new custom backdrops seem to outweigh the
drawbacks, making them a valuable asset for musicians
. However, it's essential for bands
to assess their specific needs and resources before investing in these backdrops.

There you have it.

Artificial Intelligence has decided that a Custom Backdrop based on the conversation above is clear, "these new custom backdrops seem to outweigh the drawbacks, making them a valuable asset for musicians."

The Woven fabrics are superior to the older style "P.V.C. Vinyl" is what makes modern backdrops a "Game Changer". This combined with the digital printing is a game changer.

As for the A.I.'s more competitive pricing concern, my backdrops start at $297 Australian Dollars.

Just saying...

Cheers & Thanks


PS. Just FYI the bold and the italics used above are me adding emphasis for clarity. If you found this article interesting, please share it in your preferred social space.

Have a good one.

All the Best

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