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"Had Any Close Calls While Towing? How Much Safer Will You Be If Other Road Users Know You Have a Flat Towed Vehicle Behind You?"

Motorhome Owners Need To Be Seen More Easily

You Can Be Seen Clearly, Easily & WIth More Safety Touring in Your Motorhome. With a sign Small Enough to Fit In Your Glove Box

Steve Scott
281 Watkins Road
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New South Wales

Dear Motorhomer

Are you (Flat) towing a small car or 4WD behind your motorhome? Maybe a Suzuki, a Daihatsu or something just as useful?

Are you concerned by other road users when towing with your motorhome?

Whether they can see you well enough to give you the space you need, when you need it?

Best Vehicle Under Tow Sign

I know how you feel...

Don't get me wrong. I think towing a small vehicle behind your home on wheels is a great idea.

A small car or 4WD is much more sensible than using your BIG rig as a shopping trolley.

The trouble is, how do you help make certain that you get noticed by other drivers?

Well you need a Vehicle Under Tow sign, I am preaching to the choir here I know. Though having a sign big enough to be useful, as well as being easy to use & store when not in use has been a pipe dream.

Well it has until now anyway...

Have you been looking for a better solution for a Vehicle Under Tow Sign for your rig? If so I have some good news for you.

I call it Tow Smart, and it is an Aussie first.?

Tow Smart has been designed specifically for you. It is made to check all the boxes and to meet your needs precisely.

In A Nutshell

  • Easy to Use
  • Simple to Put On
  • It Is In Place is 90 Seconds (Or Less)
  • Easy to Remove Too
  • Stores Easily (Fits in your glove box)
  • No Huge RIGID sign to find a spot for
  • Hard Wearing, Tough and Fade Resistant
  • Be Seen More Clearly On The Road (It's Just Safer)
  • No Screws or Fittings Required
  • Looks Really Great (Why spoil the look of your Rig?)
  • Free Australia Wide Delivery (Even if You're Already On The Road)
  • Custom Design & Custom Sizes Available
  • At $88 with FREE Delivery, It is the CHEAPEST Insurance You Can Get
  • 12 Month Unconditional Guarantee (Even if The Dog Eats It!)
Regular Vehicle Under Tow Sign Vitara

How The Sign Fits Your Towed Vehicle

How Steves Vehicle sign fits on

"Prefer a more Personal Touch? Forget the Buttons"

Call or Text Steve - 0415 105 532

PS. I am based New South Wales, so if it's late I may not get back to you till morning :)

Hear From Other Motorhomers

  • Paradise 25'

  • Isuzu Motorhome

  • Winnebago Disco.

  •  Nissan Civilian 


Paradise 25' Motorhome with Full Length Slide-out

I have a Paradise 25' motorhome and I tow a 2012 Suzuki Grand Vitara. The reason I wanted a Vehicle Under Tow sign was for safety.

Before I got a Tow Smart sign from Steve I had a homemade coreflute sign. My new Tow Smart sign is far more visible & noticeable, it attaches without frustration.

Steve's provided prompt service under personally difficult circumstances. I phoned Steve while he was at the hospital with seriously ill father & despite telling him I would call back at a more appropriate time he had a sign despatched that same day. Good service & good serviceable product.

That's why I created Tow Smart in the first place.

Have you seen one at work in your travels?

At the time of writing, New South Wales is the only state where a Vehicle Under Tow Sign is a legal requirement for your towed vehicle.

And while not yet a requirement by law in the other states of Australia, a Vehicle Under Tow sign, from a road safety point of view, it is a very good idea.

Towing a caboose behind your motorhome is a big responsibility, and those people who don't think it is, haven't tried it.

Sure you get used to it, but easy just doesn't seem like the right word.

Download This Free Guide

Download the State By State Sign Guide For A Rig Like Yours - It's FREE

You have to be mindful for yourself and for everyone else on the road too.

And you need to take every precaution you can to make sure the cards are stacked in your favour.

That's what my Vehicle Under Tow sign is all about and that's why I call it Tow-Smart.

Two A-Frame Vehicle Signs in One

My Tow-Smart sign combines the "Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle" and "Vehicle Under Tow" messages in the one sign for your convenience.

This keeps it future proof as well as helping to keep you safe by maximising your visibility on the road and enhancing your chance at arriving at your destination safely and without incident.

Helps Keep You Safe From The Road Crazies

"Prefer a more Personal Touch? Forget the Buttons"

Call or Text Steve 0415 105 532

PS. I am in New South Wales, so if it's late I may not get back to you till morning :)

I know that may sound a bit harsh, though you have seen what some drivers out there are like. You really have to cater for the lowest common denominator.

Some Road Rage Jockeys, especially when they see someone like you and your partner, living the dream in a "Home on wheels".

You know you need to take every precaution you can, so you can make sure you get from A to B, as safely and as comfortably as possible.

After all, it's an enjoyable adventure we are after, not a gruelling trek from a Survival Programme, right?

Whether it's the law or not, a Vehicle Under Tow sign can be a good idea.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that having a Vehicle sign like mine displayed behind your rig will be a "Force Field" from unforeseen events you encounter on the road.

Tow-Smart Premium Vehicle Under Tow Sign

Your Safety is in Your Hands

What I am saying is that your safety is in your hands. It's your responsibility, and every little thing you can do to help you and your family arrive safely is vital.

Your wear a safety belt so you can be safe behind the wheel.

Being easily seen by other drivers can be just as important.

In a Rig like yours, sometimes you can't see other drivers very easily, so you want to make sure they don't miss seeing you.

There are alternatives for a Vehicle sign for your rig these days, some good, others well... less so.

Tow-Smart Vehicle Sign

Is a Tow-Smart Sign Right For You?

The Tow-Smart, Vehicle Under Tow sign is not for everyone.

Though if you love your time on the road with your special someone. You know how those kilometres quickly build up every day and every week.

You know how many K's you are clocking up, and with two vehicles under your control.

You need to take extra special care. More than someone who is just commuting, doing the 9 to 5. You have to take precautions all along the way so you can be as safe as possible.

Tow-Smart is one of these precautions to help you, so you can get there safely.

As I mentioned above, Tow-Smart displays both "Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle" and "Vehicle Under Tow" messages together, so you can be recognised early, and more easily by other drivers.

No Damage To Your "Toad" Or Its Resale Value

Tow-Smart fits easily, on and off, so you can use it without the hassle of clips or screws that can damage and reduce the value of your towed vehicle.

And it folds up neatly, to glove box size when you aren't using it, so you can store it easily, without fuss.

Now if you're worried that a Vehicle sign this simple to use and store may have a downside, you're right.

The biggest problem I have faced with my Tow-Smart signs though may surprise you.

It is not that it fades under the blazing Australian sunshine, it is extremely fade resistant.

My first Tow-Smart sign, I made for a mate - Mike.

Custom Vehicle Sign

After 2 years of solid use is still going strong. (Read Mike's Story here). Mike had me organise another sign for him. For his new towed vehicle. What do you think

I have never had a single sign rip or tear while in use (at any speed).

And I have never had one come off and blow away while travelling the highways and byways of our wide land.

By far the most common reason for a Tow-Smart replacement request is they get lost.

I think it's because they fold up to the size of a woman's purse when not in use and get left behind.

Twelve Month UNCONDITIONAL Replacement Guarantee

Unconditional 12 Month Guarantee


It doesn't matter if you lose it, the dog eats it or it gets struck by lightening and vapourised, whatever....

I will replace it for you absolutely FREE.

I will even put it in the post for you and send it to an address you specify, anywhere in Australia free of charge, so you can be as safe as possible on your journey and on your way again ASAP.

If this is the type of sign you want for your expensive rig and Towed Vehicle, select the sign you need from the options below and push the BIG Yellow button to secure yours now.

Normally $129, "Tow-Smart" is on special right now for just $88 with free Australia Wide delivery.

Let Me Take 100% of The Risk For You

Now if you are still not 100% convinced that Tow Smart is the right Vehicle Under Tow Sign for you.

Let me take the risk for you.

I am so sure that if you have read this far already, you know you need a sign for you Rig and I believe Tow Smart is the right Vehicle Under Tow Sign for you.

Order your sign today, try it for 90 days.

If it doesn't live up to what I have promised in any way or you are unhappy with the quality, the finish, anything about your sign at all, return it to me and I will refund your 100% of your purchase amount (less the $8.25 it cost me to send it to you), no questions asked.

Now I can't get much fairer than that.

So select the sign you need from the options below, push your choice of BIG Yellow button to secure yours now.

I usually have Vitara & Terios Vehicle signs on hand and if they are in stock, your sign will be on its way within 24 hours (usually the same day).

Custom signs will take longer (I am sure you understand that anyway).

If PayPal is a hassle for you, no bother. I understand 100%

You can send me a text message and I can call you back at a time that suits you. Lots of Motorhomers do :)

You are also welcome to call me directly so I can organise exactly what you want, whether a regular or a Custom Made Vehicle Sign.

My Personal Number 0415 105 532


Steve Scott

PS. I am in N.S.W. timing wise...

Thanks for your time, and regardless of whether you get a Tow Smart sign or not, have a fantastic trip and be safe on those Aussie roads, wherever they take you.

All the Best

Steve the Banner Guy

PS. Please make sure you check your delivery address for me. Either in PayPal, or send me your delivery details directly. I will send you an email message to confirm you order (automatically), so just reply to this with your delivery address if you need to.

That's It

Your Sincerely


Trade Enquiries Are Welcome Too - Text/Call Steve 0415 105 532