Does your team need a Run Through Banner?

Or does it just deserve one…

Nothing will inspire and fire up your team like a custom run through.

They look absolutely awesome and there is no question about how they can boost your teams morale.

This Run-Thru has the 50 Game “Milestone” Mini-Banner attached with Velcro

Do You Want a RUN THROUGH Banner For Your Club?

Need Some Help?

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Your players will feel more Pride & look more professional when entering the field of play. And they will definitely get a positive lift when running onto the field – every time. You know how important that can be!

The same can’t be said for your opposition though. Talk about the head game…. With a run through banner the Head Game starts before your team even takes the field.

Imagine how the opposition will feel as they see your run through being held high. Very sad really…

That said, your fans will love seeing your Run-Thru Banner in action too (& so will your sponsors…)

Custom Run Thru Banner Designs
Custom Run-Thru Banner Designs – This one by South Perth JFC

In fact, presented the right way, your sponsors may be able to help fund your run through for you. They really do offer a win – win situation for everyone involved.

And unlike the crepe paper equivalent, my Run Thru banners can be used over and over again. It will last you season in and season out for years.

The investment over this time period will amount to a few dollars per use. And are available in custom sizes too (no just for Kids!)

Right now, my custom made run through banners are on sale. All you need are two 2.5 metre poles (curtain rods, tent pole, any poles) and some willing volunteers and you are on your way..

Your artwork is custom made to your specifications and is absolutely free, so it really will look fantastic when on display (I use your print ready logo on your banner & use this to make sure your colours are all perfect too).

Being made from tough woven polyester, your run through is really made to last. The use of the woven poly fabric also has other distinct advantages. It’s easy to transport, easy to use and no hassle to store. The woven fabric does not crease like PVC vinyl.

Folded up, your run through will fit in the boot of the smallest car, and it is so light, a child can carry it.

My run Run Through Banners, back in the day, used to come with poles, ropes and pegs so it could be used as a free standing arch. These “extras” made the Run Through Banner a much more expensive item (as much as $1,200 – NO MORE!).

Most all the Clubs I have worked with over the years seem to already have the savvy and all the manpower they need to make their own Run-thru banner poles etc. (I am happy to help show you how – right here).

My Run-Through Banners are made using the very best fabric available and as I said above, they will last you season after season.

This type of sporting banner (or Run Through Display banner) is a big hit with players and supporters alike, they love them.

And a custom run through will help instil pride in your side like nothing else and at the best possible moment.

It helps get your fans get behind your team, and we all know how important this can be, especially later in the season.

Custom Run Through Banner

Sponsors love Run Though Banners. It provides an opportunity for them to promote themselves in a way that is guaranteed to have crowd’s focus. This makes them feel good, too, about sponsoring your team.

This will make it easier for you to invite them back to sponsor you again next year :).

In fact I have supplied business people with Run Through Banners to help them promote their brand at events of all kinds.

Run Through banners are perfect for keeping your existing sponsors happy and are very powerful and effective tool to help bring new sponsors on board.

We all know how important this is.

A Run Through Banner is not just for use at game time either. Opportunities to use it will appear everywhere.

It can help decorate the entrance of all your team events, pre-season and the end of season celebrations. Imagine your custom run through banner on display on membership registration days too.

It makes you and your club look more professional and I am sure you will think of many more uses than I have mentioned here today.

Right now, my Run-Thru Banners are on sale for $597 each, this includes a completely custom banner design for your Club with free delivery Australia wide. Please note that recreation of your logo is not included in this number, Logos can be hard to recreate. Let me know if this is something need a hand with.

Free Australia Wide Delivery

Are you interested in finding out more about a Run Through banner for your team or your business?

Use my Easy Enquiry form (usually) at the top of this page (below on mobiles :-), I will be happy to draft a design for you – and there is no obligation.

Get in touch with me today. Why? Because the turn-around on one of these can be about 3 weeks.

Thanks for reading, and the Best of Success to your Team this year.

Steve The Banner Guy