A Big Fan Banner Thank You

Hello Steve Scott here again.

I wanted to say a special thank you for ordering your very own – Customised and Unique Fan Banner.

Contact Steve The Vinyl Banner GuyI know you will be pleased with it and I hope it serves you well in the years to come.

I Need Some Stuff

Your order has been successfully placed, and I need to confirm a couple of things with you.

Firstly, your banners message.

This should have come to me directly via your PayPal purchase (thank you), though rather than take a chance I would like you to confirm it for me when you send me your photo.

Secondly and most importantly, you picture.

As I stressed in the previous page, the better the image we have to work from in the beginning, the better your finished banner will be.

The easiest way to send me your photo and your banners message is in an email. Address it to me;


You can email me your photo directly from your device – no problem 🙂

Alternately, use the Green Form on the upper right side of this page. It has provision for an attachement/photo too.

If you have any problems, please let me know.

I will have you proof on its way to you as soon as I can, normally within 24 hours of receiving your photo and message confirmation.

Thanks again for your business.

All the Very Best

Steve – The Vinyl Banner Guy

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