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Amateurs Think Their Crowd Know Who The Are

Pro's Make Sure They Do...

I know being in the entertainment industry, any gig you go to, either to perform or enjoy. You’ll know every band and probably every artist you see. It’s your business and your passion, it’s important to you.

Most of your audience though are not that band savvy...

That's why a Custom Made Backdrop that says Who You Are and What You Represent will help your crowd remember Who You ARE, so you can make the most of all the hard work you have put in to make you and your Band what you are today,

All the rehearsals, the travel, the Great Gigs and the Hard Gigs will not be wasted because once you have your own Backdrop, everyone in your crowd will Know Who You are,

Backdrop Sizes

Steve's Most popular Backdrop Sizes For U.S. Bands Playing Clubs, Cafes, Bars


Designed For Combos, Small Bands & More Boutique Venues. Same Woven Fabric, Black Chrome Eyelets, Velcro Loops or Both





  • Size 9 feet By 6 feet
  • Woven Backdrop Fabric
  • Black Chrome Eyelets
  • Velcro Loops
  • 2 Hours Graphic Design
  • Free Delivery
tHE bar rOCKER

Need to Make an IMPACT? Want to Be Easy to Identify across an entire Hall ?. Then BAR Rocker is For You





  • Size 15 feet By 10 feet
  • Woven Backdrop Fabric
  • Black Chrome Eyelets or
  • A Velcro Loop Combination
  • 4 Hours Graphic Design
  • FREE Delivery

Discover How To Get Your Band Backdrop Right The First Time

Why You Need a Backdrop For You & Your Band?

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    Connect More Closely with Your Crowd & Help Them Engage & Remember you
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    So You & Your Band Can Look More Professional
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    So You Can Be Taken More Seriously As a Band By Your Audience & the People Who Will Hire You

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