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How to Buy Your Leads – CHEAP

Hello, and welcome to my Mortgage & Finance Brokers Vinyl Banner Specials Page.

We all know the economy has been in turmoil since the GFC first emerged. Clients are more cautious, First Home Owners are harder to get over the line and lender’s purse strings are far tighter courtesy of mortgage insurance constraints.

Car Leasing Vinyl Banner

Car Leasing Vinyl Banner

So what?s the answer? Complete that Real Estate Agents course and forget about finance for a few years? Shed a few staff to weather the financial storm caused by the GFC?

Or is the answer to buy new clients cheaply, easily and more regularly than you have ever imagined possible. How much are your leads costing you right now?

Attract New Clients From Your Own Backyard For Cents in The Dollar

Often over looked are people from your local area. Locals can be a goldmine of? clients, people prefer a “local guy”. Local people who become clients are also usually the ones who can help provide you with more referral business. Remember the? ?Acres of Diamonds? story.

Property Investment Vinyl Banner

Property Investment Vinyl Banner

Imagine Being Able to Target Prospects in Your area from as Little as $99.

No more wasting hard earned commission dollars on Yellow Pages ads that never work. No more paying for Local News Paper space that no one ever reads, and no more paying your webmaster $1,000?s to revamp your site when he knows nothing about your business or marketing to begin with.

Good marketing means buying the most new clients for the least amount of money. For sheer impact and cost-effectiveness, no other form of advertising can beat the time-tested vinyl banner. For as little as $99 you can target you neighbourhood for 2 or more years… that’s less than 14 cents a day!

More Clients for Less Marketing $$$

In today?s market, most smart finance business people are all looking for better, more cost-effective and proven ways to bring more clients through their doors. A Vinyl Banner when well designed and properly displayed will do this. Your banner can deliver a clear and effective marketing message to your prospects every day for 2 maybe even 3 years.

Vinyl banners now days boast infinite colour combinations, distinctive typestyles and full colour digital photographic images to further enhance their effectiveness.

The right colours have an instant impact on prospects. Using the right colours combined with an appropriate image communicates the personality of your business as well as reinforces your marketing message. A vinyl banner is also a fantastic way to drive people to your website…

Vinyl Banners are an inexpensive way to promote your business or a new product, they add life to a sale or special event and they remind people you are there. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, they are durable, weather-resistant, reusable, simple to transport and to display.

Keep it Eye Catching and Keep it Brief

Passers by typically have only a few seconds to view your banner and read its message. That?s why all your vinyl banners should be dramatic enough to grab your prospects attention, while displaying a message that is brief and to the point.

Mortgage Refinance Vinyl Banner

Mortgage Refinance Vinyl Banner

If you have a little extra in your budget in addition I recommend several banners for a campaign (I will even give you a better deal on several banner for the same campaign). By rotating among several different designs, you can keep your message fresh and your customers attentive.

How to Give Your Banner Campaign More Cut-Through

Marketing studies have shown that people learn to ignore the familiar, though respond keenly when new elements are introduced into an otherwise well-known scene. They see the difference.

All that said the main reason I have asked you to visit my website is to offer you the best deal on vinyl banners available anywhere in Australia.

In addition to my discounted vinyl banner prises I have another bonus for you, all your artwork will be 100% FREE of charge.

You will have the last say on all your artwork prior to production and before you have to part with one cent of your vinyl banner investment, what could be fairer.

One promise I can make to you is that every vinyl banner I create is worth more, a lot more to you and to your business than any money associated with your owning it. But you had better be quick, the guy up the road may have ordered his new banners already. Use the quick enquiry form below to find out more.

Wishing you the very best of Success with your finance business.

Kind Regards

Steve Scott ? The Vinyl Banner Guy

PS. One more thing, to make this decision a real NO BRAINER, you can have a further 10% of my entire vinyl banner range if you act now. Things usually start to get busy for this time of year so I can only afford to keep this offer open for you for the next few days, after that, all bets are off and the prices available to you will be the same as everyone else.

Really hope you can take advantage of this offer, a simple vinyl banner will work for you. Remember every vinyl banner I create is worth more, a lot more to you and to your business than any money associated with your owning it.

I hope your vinyl banner campaign brings a herd of new clients stampeding through your doors.


Steve Scott ? The Finance Broker Vinyl Banner Guy

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