Banners, Flying Flags & Roll-Up Banner Specials – Be Quick – Steve The Banner Guy –

Banners, Flying Flags & Roll-Up Banner Specials – Be Quick

This Offer Has Finished – Sorry 😉

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Steve – The Vinyl Banner Guy

Hello Again

Thanks for having a closer look at my Banner, Flying Flag and Rollup Banner Stand Special offers.

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As I said to you in my message earlier, I have been sharpening my pencil to get you some really great deals on a cross section of great promo products.

And this time I have three beauts for you.

I know you are busy so I won’t waste your time with a long winded intro, here they are;

Special Offer No. 1

Flying Flag Sizes

Sizes 2.8 to 4.6 metres

Flying Flags Special (With an Added Bonus for a Multi-Flag Order Built In)

Buy Three and Get the Forth FREE

My flying flags are still one of the most effective promotional tools I have. They will definitely help get you and your business noticed.

Flying Flags work because their movement catches the eye & attract attention while waving in the breeze. Unlike conventional flags though, they still remain easy to read. This means they will deliver your message more effectively than just about any other kind of static signage – I love them (and use a 4,600 mm – single sided version myself).

While being gossamer in their appearance Flying flags are robust. The flags themselves are made from a tough knitted polyester fabric (110gsm thick). The double sided flags version uses 3 layers of this fabric in their construction – double stitched.

The poles are made from aluminium tube in the lower sections with solid fibre glass poles at the top.

Flag bases vary in their construction and design, they all boast a roller bearing swivel base coupler that the pole fits into, this allows your flag to pivot and follow the direction of the breeze. All the bases are solid metal.

Flying flags are light, portable and very, very strong.

The variety of bases available also makes it easy to display your flag on both hard surfaces like concrete as well as soft ones like grass or earth.

Sizes range from 2,800mm up to a giant 4,600mm tall, and they are available in both single and double sided versions.

Your special prices for a flying flag start at just $239 inc. GST. This of course also includes any artwork FREE of charge along with free delivery Australia wide.

FREE Flying Flag Offer

As I mentioned above, if you need a few of these flags (any configuration), I have a very SPECIAL Offer for you.

Buy any three flying flags and you will be entitled to get your forth flag for Free.

This offer is based on three identical flags and artwork (your first artwork is FREE).

You can vary your flag designs if you want – no problem, this will add a little more to your Special price – $55 (inc. GST with each extra design)  should you want more than one flag design

Special Offer No. 2



2 Big Banners Just $379 - No More to Pay

Two Mini Billboard Banners Just $379 - No More to Pay

Two Mini Billboards – 3,000 by 950mm

Don’t need a flag – no problem.

How about the famous Mini Billboard – my most popular BIG banner size. These normally run out at $240 each, in fact I have seen them elsewhere for as much as $350 a piece.

You know I am not going to ask you to pay that for your Mini Billboard Banners though. How about two of these banners, (identical artwork) for just $379 all up? No More to Pay. This includes your delivery and GST in the price.

These will also arrive in my new triangular tube storage box that you can use to store your new banner with. This is yours at no extra cost.

Special Offer No. 3

Deluxe Roll-up/Pull-Up Banner Stand

Premium Quality Banner Stand Just $199

Premium Quality Roll Up Banner Stand Just $199 - Delivered

Roll-Up Banner stands are another BIG favourite of mine.

If you need to do some promotions indoors, a tradeshow for instance or a special event, my deluxe Banner Stand is the answer.

These work as a great silent salesmen too when used in your shop or the foyer of your office.

The Roll up Banner Stand model I have for you stands 2,050 millimetres tall and is 800 millimetres wide.

The construction of the unit’s base is mostly aluminium with chrome poly-carbonate end caps, it really is a beautiful finish. This makes your sign look even more elegant and they are at home in just about any environment.

This model also incorporates the absolute best quality banner stand fabric available. It is idea for photos or any high resolution images you may want to include. They look excellent and will lend themselves to a stack of indoor promotional uses.

Banner stands of this quality are great value at $350 a unit. You can have yours delivered to your door for $199 with no more to pay.

You can even opt for special courier delivery for a mere $12 extras, it’s your call just let me know.

Well that’s it for this time around, I hope you find one or more of these deals to your liking. They are all genuine offers that can save you hundreds on my regular prices as well as provide you with promotional clout worth thousands.

Just reply to my original email message or if you want use my easy contact form available via the BIG RED button below (you can even call me on 8005-1083.

Be quick though, this sale closes at the end of business this Saturday (28th May).

Thanks for reading, have a great day, and the best of success to you.


Steve – The Vinyl Banner Guy

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