Do you need and Australia Day Banner to celebrate Australia Day your way?

Australia Day of course commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet in Sydney Cove.

Australia Day BannerThe History of Australia Day

On 26th January 1788, early in the morning, Captain Arthur Phillip along with a few dozen Officers, Marines and men at the oars, rowed ashore and took possession of Australia (New Holland at the time) in the name of King George III.

Did you know that Australia Day was formally called Anniversary Day or Foundation Day. Australia Day is the official national day for Australia. It is Celebrated annually on 26th January every year.

First Australia Day 1788Records of celebrations taking place on 26th January date back as far as 1808. The formation of New South Wales held on the same date in 1818, and is recognised as the first official celebration of the day we now know as Australia Day.

Australia Day banners get used for all kinds of way by Aussies to help celebrate their Australia Day. They are seen at parades, in sports stadiums, on fences and at backyard barbecues.

The Designs for my Australia Day Banners are all completely custom made for you, according to your instructions.

Happy Australia DatAll you have to do is let me know what you want on your Australia Day Banner and I will draft up your initial banner proof for your review.

You then let me know what changes (if any) you want and I update your banner design for you and email you another update.

We do this up to three times in all to make sure everything is just the way you want prior to going to print. This artwork service is Free of charge to all my clients.

Australia Day Banners sizes range from about a meter square, at the personal size banner end, right up to… just about any size you want.

I can do banners big enough that you could read from a satellite if you want. I must have a look on Google Earth.

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Happy Australia Day

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