The banner you can see pictured here is one I did for my local Sailing Club.

Wangi Sailing Club wanted a vinyl banner to help thank their sponsors for their support as well as encourage them to participate again in the following year. It’s a good idea, after all as we all know “action rewarded is often repeated”.

Club Sponsors Vinyl Banner

The challenge was Wangi had over 30 sponsors to cater for on their banner, some major others not. To include these sponsors in a visually interesting way was a tough ask. I eventually came up with the design you see here.

I wanted to keep it interesting while separating the sponsorship levels enough as not to ruffle any feathers… and you thought Vinyl banners just about printing letters on blank bits of vinyl…No Way!

After a couple of minor changes to the initial design, we settled on this one. The banner was fixed the outer brick wall using dynabolts through the metal eyelets and has been happily sitting on the side of the clubhouse building now for the better part of two years.

While it is starting to show some signs of fading (that Aussie sun is tough on the yellows), it is still very effective.

If you have a similar type of problem to solve for your club or organisation, I would like to offer my help with a design that will help you.

Sponsors Banners are really a great way to help your sponsors get some publicity for their support. Your banner also helps you when it comes time to pick up the phone to ask for your sponsors support again in the following year.

Help your sponsors so they can help you in return.

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