Custom Made Wall HangingI do lots of vinyl banners. The majority of these being for business and sporting clubs and organisations from around the country.

Working with lots of different business, essentially working on an image for them is… fun. I have said it before in other articles, but it is true.

One such business I have been having fun with lately is Furry kids @ Home (Here is a link to their website furrykids@home).

Stephanie and the guys at Furry kids @ Home just love animals. Dogs, cats, birds fish, there seems to be no pet too large or too small they won’t adore for you while you are on holidays.

They even help with Pet first Aid. Now as a dog owner and pet lover, I think Pet First Aid is an important subject. I never really gave it much mind until I started working with Stephanie and Furry Kid @ Home. It is a great idea and thank you for making the information available to pet lovers its a fantastic service.

I won’t try and list the other good stuff these guys do. If you are interested in more information, follow the link above and see what Stephanie and the gang at Furry Kids @ Home can do for you and your pet.

I have included an image here of a wallhanging I am doing right now. I liked it so much I decided to create a PDF version of it for you (click on the image to download or click free download ), so that you can download and print out for your office, or dog kennel.

If you like the sentiment here, and are a pet lover, show your support with a Facebook like or Google Plus 1, be sure to grab a copy of the PDF too. You’ll like it, and so will every pet lover who reads it.


Steve – The Vinyl Banner Guy and Pet Lover