IMPORTANT Note From Steve Scott

Everything has a time, Pull-Up banners used to be a great solution. In my opinion they are not any more.

The reason, the banner hardware (the base, mechanism etc. – the stuff beyond my control) are not of a good enough quality any more for me to recommend to any client of mine.

If you were looking for a product to do what an Pull-Up banners used to be able to do, why don’t you contact me directly?

Let’s talk about what you want to do and the result you want to achieve. Between us we may just be we can come up with a solution that will give you exactly what you want.

Did you know that Pull Up Banners are one of the most effective indoor marketing tools when it comes to in store or, club or even trade show promotions?

The trouble is most business people get their pull up’s wrong.

Pull Up BannersYou need to know how to structure your banners message to turn it from a simple sign, into a silent salesman that will be spruiking your message from the minute people see it until you close up shop for the day..

Pull Up banners can be extremely effective, and done right, they screen, pre-qualify, and lay the groundwork for you, to convert prospects into clients..

And this is essential in a sales environment.

An laser targeted pull up banner can save you the pain of trying to sell your offer to people who aren’t interested in what you have to sell.

Your Pull Up banner will help qualify everyone you speak to before they even get to you. It will allow you to focus on those prospects who are already interested in your offer and You will be able to concentrate your effort on those people that really matter.

The ones who need, and already want what you have to sell.

Won’t it make life so much easier, only speaking to those people who you already know, are interested in buying from you. No more wasted time on punters whose only thought is to how to make a graceful exit without buying anything.

This just wastes your time.

I’ve seen hundreds of Pull Up banners, in shopping centres, clubs, in stores and at trade shows too. I have a good look at them all.

But let me tell you, the lions share of the ones I have seen, have been so confusing or vague, that their owns may as well have gone to the bathroom and flushed their marketing dollars down the tube.

Pull Banner Stand ExampleLike any advertising, you have to get it right.

The message to me is so much more important than the medium you put it on. Whether it be a pull up banner or a newspaper ad. The goals are the same.

You want your prospects to take some type of action.

The destination you are leading your prospect to is more important than the tool you use to get them there. And a Pull Up Banner will do it just about anywhere (indoors), that you want.

In this video, we will cover common mistakes many businesses make that you can’t afford to get wrong.

Make the errors I talk with you about here and you will reduce the effectiveness of your Pull Up Banner, and effectively leave money in the table that should be in your pocket.

You will be able to apply these concepts to all your print marketing, and not just your pull up banner.

These principles will work just as well on a flyer, a vinyl banner, a newspaper ad or even a drink coaster.

It’s all about what action you want your prospects to take. And by providing the right information for them, you enable them to make an informed decision to buy.

Marketing done right, will reduce the amount of selling you have to do almost nothing. That’s the essence of what good marketing is.

It will reduce the amount hype and pushing you have to do to get the job done. You won’t have to sell because your customers will already want to buy from you..

No one likes to think they’re being sold, we all fall into that category, I know I do. However, on the flip side of this coin is that almost everyone loves to buy.

The task you have with your Pull Up Banner (or any advertising) job is to provide the right information, appropriate to your offer, to allow you clients to make their own buying decision.

It was Dale Carnegie – Author of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” who said. The best way to have someone be keen on your idea, is to make them think that the idea is theirs in the first place,

This is what your marketing can do for you, and in this video I want to show you how.

Pull Up Banner FootprintFor the reasons covered here today, for indoor sales, Pull Up Banners are my marketing weapon of choice.

They are cost effective, easy to use and when your message follows my guidelines, you will have another salesman on staff. One that will cut the number of tyre kickers and precious time wasted on people who aren’t qualified to do business with you anyway.

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Steve – The Vinyl Banner Guy