*School Fair banners and School Fete signs are some of my favourite banner design jobs.

Colourful and unusual are about all any of these banners have in common. Helping to advertise food stalls, Fund Raiser Games, Ice cream and Tea and Scones, you name it. A vinyl banners is often the best tool for the job.

But not all banners are created equal. Some banners are.. well… yuck… 🙁

I think many standard banner designs suffer from what I call the “I don’t Care Droop“. Not mine, I care alot about what your finished banner looks like. It is very important to me.

Christmas Fete BannerI go as far as branding every banner that leaves my door, I am proud of my products and I am keen to have your banners looking awesome too. Good for me and Excellent for you.

There must be something about a Fair Banner though, for some reason they just always seem to turn out looking… great.

I am very biased, so check out some of my School Fair designs below for yourself 🙂

School Fair Banners

All this artwork has been approved and has been produced ready for their School Fair (at the time of writing).

Sometimes a School Fair may only need a single banner to advertise an up coming School event. A good banner for your school though, needs more than just letters on a white background.

The object is to help as many people as possible come to your event and to interact with you. Be it a School Fair, annual Fete or even an enrolment drive. By having an eye catching sign in the form of your banner you get an economical and durable way to help spread the word.

They just help make your school look good.

It’s such a shame when a hand painted sign adorns any school to advertise. So much effort goes into every school event. A sign is often the last thing anyone thinks about… unfortunately it shows.

This though is obviously not you if you are thinking about signage for your school fair or fete already.

Be it only one banner your need or the other end of the scale, with a BIG School Fair or Fete to take care of. Let me help.

I am happy to provide a free quote on your school banners for you, I can even put together some of your ideas for your review.

I just want your School Fair to be every success it can be.

I can help.

My artwork in most cases (over 97%) if free. For example, all the artwork in the banner images above were provided free of charge.
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So if you are ready. Click the BIG Red button and let me know how I can help. It does not mater if you are unsure where to start. It is my job to make it easy for you.

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Steve Scott

The School Fair Banner Guy