I have recently had the pleasure of helping St. Bede’s Primary School in Braidwood (New South Wales) with two flying flags (School Flags).

School flagsSt. Bede’s is a Catholic Primary School is located in the beautiful and historic town of Braidwood which lay about 90 kilometres east of the nations capital Canberra (N.S.W.).

The school was originally established in 1859 and has run uninterrupted since 1878. That’s over 150 years – there has to be a record in there somewhere. Congratulations St. Bede’s!

The design of St. Bede’s School flags required (in part) the recreation of their School logo. Logo recreation is a service I normally charge a fee for, the reason being that they can take some time to do and can be quite difficult to match exactly.

For Schools, Sports Clubs and other non-profits and charities I do what I can to keep the cost down so, like in this case there was no charge for St. Bede’s logo recreation.

What is not commonly know with this type of printing (ie. banners & flags) where everything is on a LARGE scale. File (graphics files) that are fine for letterhead, lose their integrity when enlarged up to the size required for a banner, or in this case flag production. The logo files begin to pixelate.

Without getting too technical, I think of the pixelation effect as being like too little butter spread over too much bread. It just loses it flavour & colour.

Anyway, the flags where dispatch to St. Bede’s yesterday and I am sure they will be put to very good use.

Keep up the good work guys. Would love to have a picture of your school flags in action when you have a chance.

Cheers for now & thanks for reading.

Steve – the Vinyl Banner & Flag Guy

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