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About the Author

At heart, Steve Scott, fondly known as the Banner Guy, is a consummate service provider who thrives on putting his clients' needs at the forefront of his business ethos.

His passion for exceptional customer service, savvy marketing, and captivating design makes him a relentless advocate for value-driven solutions that far exceed his clients' investments.

Some view banners & backdrops as a bit "Old School". Funny thing is that these days, this is not a bad thing.

Part of Steve's is on a mission to provide solutions that really work.

He does this by breathing fresh life into all of his designs. This often flies in the face of an industry where the most important word seems to be "Next".

Drawing upon his marketing acumen, he crafts vibrant and visually stunning designs that aren't common in the modern era.

With a keen eye for detail, Steve infuses his unique flair into each banner design (large or small), creating artwork that do more than just grab attention – they make an impact, they make a statement.

His creations aren't just banners; they are a testament to his commitment to your satisfaction, an encapsulation of your vision, and a tool that achieves real results.

The quality of Steve's work goes beyond mere aesthetics. His designs work. Serving as practical, compelling tools that amplify your message and deliver on your objectives whatever they be.

You're not just investing in a banner with Steve, but a promise of excellence, customer satisfaction, and tangible results.

Trust in the Banner Guy to take your Band or your Brand visibility to new heights.