Draw Your Banner Artwork

One of the toughest jobs I have when creating a vinyl banner for you, is accurately creating a design based 0n your ideas.

How do we get from what you have in your minds eye, for what you want your banner to look like, to a completed design we can use for print.

Sure many of us a very good with our computers and can wiz up a draft design in no time… Or can we?

Sometimes it can very difficult to putting your ideas into the computer. There are limitations of what your software can do, as well as how well we can use the software to start with.

I know with all the packages I use, I probably know only a fraction of what there is to know, and I work on my computer just about everyday.

An Easier Way To Create Your Banner Design

Recently, a good client of mine, Mark from The Bedroom Warehouse in Unley, (Adelaide – South Australia), wanted some banners created for his business. Mark gave his permission to use his business as an example here, so thanks mate!

Hnad drawn Banner ArtworkMark knew what he wanted, and did not want to waste time creating a computer draft of his ideas to send to me.

What’s the alternative. He could write to me and explain exactly what he wanted. That exercise though would probably take longer than creating his draft on the computer in the first place.

Mark did something very clever, he drew his designs for me, this is the picture he sent.

It has exactly what he wants on his banner, the colours he would like to use, everything. Now I don’t know how long it took Mark to draw his designs for me. But I guarantee it took a lot less time than the other two alternatives.

Banner Artwork ProofThe beauty of this method of sending me your ideas apart from the time saving factor. It is that anyone can do it.

It’s not hard to get a pen and some paper. Graph paper may make it easier but you don’t need it.

Keep it simple, and get it done.

Once you are happy with your artwork, all you need to do is send it to me. This can be a scanned image in an email or maybe just a picture of your design, you have taken with your phone.

Starting low tech is OK. Once I have your image, we are away.

You can see Mark’s original artwork above (it  is pretty good), you can also see the design I created for him using his drawing as my guide. Mark had his final proof in his hands for approval in less than 24 hours.

As I write Marks Banners are in production. If you see them when you are driving through Unley, give him a toot from me.

So that’s it.

Certainly, you can send me your graphics, expertly designed, all ready to go. More power to you if  you have these facilities at your disposal to do so. And in just about any graphics file format you like.

But you DON’T have too….

A simple pen and paper, with a few minutes of your time will have your design ready for me to work on.

You do the creative thing, work out exactly what you need your banner to look like, and I will do all the heavy lifting for you. And turn your artwork into a production, print ready, masterpiece ready to go to print.

Well maybe not a masterpiece but something like that…

Contact Steve The Vinyl Banner Guy

You no longer have to let your computer graphics skills get in your way, that’s what I am for.

My artwork is FREE right now, so get those crayons out, and design that banner you’ve been thinking about.

Getting your banner design ideas to me is no longer such a hurdle. I don’t think it has ever been easier..

Now Get Drawing….


Steve – The Banner Guy