Have you seen QR Codes appearing in advertisements and on packaging lately? If you are not certain you have seen one, QR codes are a small “digital” square just like the ones I created on this page.Vinyl Banner with QR Code You can think of them as being a two dimensional barcodes.

Before I get too heavily into this topic, I want to make certain I am not wasting your time.

This article and this content are really meant for business people who have a website, and would like more traffic (ie. people) visiting their site with the intention of finding out more about them.

If this is you then please read on. As for the others please read the Pink QR Code with your smartphone with my thanks.

QR Code on Vinyl Banner
Why Do I Need To Know About QR Codes

Now back to the QR Code and what it has to do with me. Frankly I think a Vinyl Banner with a QR Code could be an awesome way to send new visitors to your website.

Let Me Tell You Why

As I mentioned, QR Codes are like an updated version of a barcode. The good news is QR Codes can hold a lot more information, all kinds of information. The part that of this that interests me is that they can hold information about a website address – your website address.

Can you start to see where I am going here?

Why I like QR Codes is that they are a NEW way to have people interact with you and your business.

No longer does your print advertising need to be static. At the wave of a smartphone, your business card, letterhead or “Vinyl Banner”, can direct people to your website. Any page on your website…

To allow me to better demonstrate what I mean, just imagine this scenario. I will use me for the example.

Let’s say I have a Special on my Vinyl Banners that I want to promote. It may be a two for one offer I have come up with.

So the first thing I do is build a new webpage to tell people about it. The address of this page is;


This is a real live webpage of mine and the reason the webpage address/name is so long, is so that Search Engines (like Google) learn what my webpage is about. It helps me to place my webpages higher on Google searches too.

Now I can’t give too much more away (my opposition read my website too!), but I think we can agree that web addresses are usually too long and cumbersome to remember easily.

The only sure way to guarantee someone finds their way to the page that I want them to visit is via a “link”, we click on links all the time.

The link could be one from a search result on Google. It can be a link from another webpage on my site.

In the case of a Banner Special” I often use an email to my existing clients (with their permission of course), and use a link in the email to help them find my new webpage and more about my offer.

All good up until this point, agree?

The one problem with this is that the only people that see my Special Offer are the people on my list. Occasionally new clients might stumble onto the “specials page” by accident, not many.

The bottom line is that this limits the amount of people exposed to my Special and the potential amount of sales I can generate. I don’t like the idea of new clients finding my offers just by accident either.

Now if I add a vinyl banner to my marketing mix for this promo, more people would know about my offer, that’s good. People in my area, also good. And I could send them directly to my Special’s Page. Easy – problem solved.

All they have to do is write down or remember;

My Business Banners

Hang on. To make sure I go this address right for you here, I had to copy and paste it to be certain it was right, and it’s my webpage!

What hope does someone else have of seeing my web address on a vinyl banner, and remembering it as they walk (or drive) by?

Practically ZERO

I could shorten the address to just B2bJV.com. Even this though is a tough call.

Should my new client be diligent enough to find their way to my main website, there is no guarantee that they will find the Special Page that they are looking for. And people will not waste their time searching through my stuff to find it. They will move on in less than a minute – sometimes a lot less ;-(

What though, if I add (or replace) my hard to remember web address with a QR Code?

The QR Code will point accurately to my Specials Webpage and it can be read by just about anyone who has a Smart phone.

Do you know how many millions of smart phones are used in Australia everyday? Well neither do I, but I do know it is a lot more than yesterday.

People Love Using Their Smartphones

I do.

Give them a reason to take their new smartphone out of their pocket and point it towards your QR Code on your banner (card, letterhead – everywhere).

The smartphone will read your QR code, and accurately remember it for later. Your prospect will also have the option of going straight to your website right there on the spot. Ideal for an in store sale. Forget an insert in the local paper.

Also remember, the chances are, that the people who have these types of smartphones will also have disposable income.

Now That is Powerful Marketing

This is new, I have only started to introduce QR Codes on my vinyl banner range now. My first are in production at the time of writing.

I have an opportunity for you.

If you want to be among the “Early Adopters” of this amazing use of technology, I want to help you.

Get any vinyl banner in my range at the regular price, and I will create your own unique QR Code for you, to use on your banner for FREE.

You will be able to test your QR Code on your QR Code enabled vinyl banner proofs that I will create for you to make certain everything is OK during the design phase.

This is a new way of marketing, think of the possibilities of where you can use it to your full advantage.

Just let me help you when you need a BIG QR Code on a vinyl banner.

I Know QR Codes Will Work Like Gang-Busters

The days of whether or not to advertise our business websites is over. The use of QR Codes on all your printed material is leading edge right now. QR Codes bring your printed material to life.

If you have a smartphone with a QR Code App on it, I’ll bet you thought about checking the Codes further up this page (or have you already).

Vinyl Banner with QR CodeYour prospects will feel the same way.

This is an excellent way to drive more people to your website, and it will be something you see used more of in the future.

Be part of it too.

The Best Markerter Always Wins


Steve – The Vinyl Banner Guy

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Steve (The QR Code Vinyl Banner Guy)