Vinyl Banner DesignMaking sure your banner design is on target, and delivering your message the way you want is fundamental to getting your banner right.

The main factor that influences your banners design, is your message. Whether your message is words or images. This is important on all banner designs, but is crucial if your banner is for your business, or an organisation like a club.

Banners for business need to make something happen. You need to find more new clients, you want to remind former clients you’re still around, you want more members for your club or people to attend a special event.

You want to make something happen.

This of course is not as important if your banner is for personal use, a special occasion. Wedding and birthday banners do not need to legible at 100 metres. They do not have to look good in all weathers. They don’t have to remain on display outdoors for months on end.

Business banners do. Considerations for the design of a banner for “Work” use. is far more demanding.

Colours and contrast are important for banner legibility, font style and size too play an important role in how easy your banner is to read.

You banners design will include a size parameter. This will be based on factors like the distance your sign will be seen over, and how long your message is. The longer your message, the more characters, the smaller they have to be to fit.

So many facets of your design will overlap on one another, until you start to formulate a banner design physically, it is exceedingly difficult to visualise how you want things to finally look.

You know what you want your banner to do, what Marketing your banner has accomplish. How do you transfer this idea into something you can use?

Free Artwork and 3 Stage Banner Design

This is why my three Stage Banner Design process and my free artwork, makes your design a whole lot easier.

Banner Design Proof ExampleOnce you tell me what you want on your banner, and what you want to achieve, I create an initial banner design for you. These usually include several variations and can be from scratch if needs be.

Your initial design will be emailed to you for your review. This is stage one of your banner design.

At this point you can see what your banner will start to look like. You can then decide on any changes you want me to make to your banner design. I will re-work your concept for you and email an updated proof of your design your further review and comment. This is stage two of your banner design.

Stage three allows you to review and update your banner design for a third time, free of any charge at all.

The one caveat I have here with my free artwork is logos. If I have to recreate your logo from scratch, there will be an extra fee (usually $55 – logo’s can be tough :). If you have your own print ready logo on file, ready to go, you can email it to me for inclusion in your banners design, no problem and no extra fee either :).

Your banner design is your chance to open the door on;

  • Getting your prospects attention
  • Delivering Your Message – effectively
  • Have Them Respond – A Call to Action
  • Achieve You Goal – All Good

The better your banner design is purpose built around your particular task, the better.

Banners are best used as a “One Trick Pony”. They should have one task to perform. And in a business banner, this means a direct response. Your banner does not have time for anything else.

Your banners design does not need to be a work of art. It just needs to be an effective method to let your prospects know the information you want to deliver. That’s it.

If you have your own banner designs, ready to go. Fantastic. I can handle most forms or digital artwork and am happy to be your online banner printer, if that’s all you need.

On the other hand, if you have a marketing job you need to do, but are having trouble know where to start. I am your man.

Contact Steve The Vinyl Banner Guy

I can bring your ideas from an initial concept to production ready banner design in three easy – free steps.

Anytime of year is a good time to wind things up. Getting a start on your competition is always a good idea. I can help.

To get started click button in the Contact Form Link at the side and top of this article and let me know what you have in mind.


Steve – The Banner Guy