Woven Fabric Banners

Did you know that Fabric banners are the unsung hero of the display banner business.

Fabric banner Quality finishBanners made from woven polyester are extremely versatile and lend themselves to a whole lot of uses that traditional vinyl banners have trouble matching.

Why a Woven Fabric Banner & Not Vinyl?

  • Fabric banners resist creasing when folded unlike a regular vinyl banner
  • They are much lighter in weight, so they’re easy to use and transport
  • Fabric banners fold up to a very convenient size, with very little sign of creasing
  • Like Vinyl Banners they can contain photos and very bright-vivid colours
  • They are machine washable if they get dirty

One of the most popular uses I put my woven polyester banners to are for Band & Gig backdrops for entertainers. Woven fabric banners display better, they are less reflective under lights so easier to read and they are more curtain like than PVC vinyl. They fall and hang better.

Band & Gig BackdropsWoven Polyester is also very durable. To give you an example I also use woven polyester fabric banners for vehicle signs too. Like the “Vehicle Under Tow signs” you see behind Winnebagos towing small 4WD’s.

I have even made these type of banners with vertical pole loops either side, that have been used as Protest Banners at the front of marches and as demonstration banners.

Fabric banners - Woven Polyester

Woven Polyester Banners Are Durable – The Blue Cattle Test

In fact the woven polyester is so strong, I used it to make a seat cover for the back seat of my car.

How does that prove how durable the woven poly fabric is I hear you ask? Let me explain.

Steve's Blue Cattle DogI have a Blue Cattle dog who comes to work with me most everyday (she’s a sweetie), though being a “Bluey” and living on a farm, as we do, you can imagine she does get a little grubby sometimes, well very grubby to be honest, but I will spare you the gory details.

As a result, my seat cover takes a pounding, fur, claws, muck, you name it. Her claws have not damaged the printed fabric at all. Yes I printed my seat cover, I thought a diamond button look for my car would be nice.

And when the it does get dirty, I simply throw my banner/seat cover in the washing machine and it comes out looking like new. That said, it is starting to show signs of fading a little now, but it has been working hard on my back seat for well over a year, and is still going strong. So yes, woven polyester fabric banners are tough.

To be fair, I would still use a PVC Vinyl banner over a woven banner for extended use outdoors. Vinyl banners will withstand more all weather treatment better than polyester, especially over an extended period.

But if you need a banner that is easy to move about, and lighter weight than a traditional vinyl banner. Woven Polyester is a brilliant alternative.

It is unsurpassed when used indoors, woven polyester just looks better, and when displayed outdoors, so long as it is fastened to a wall (or similar) to help reduce the sail effect in blustery conditions. Woven Polyester banners are a winner.

Unless specified otherwise all my poly banners have double reinforced edges  and are double stitched, to make my woven poly banners as durable as possible.

They can be fitted with either pole loops top and bottom (like a curtain – perfect for tradeshow signs and Gig backdrops), or if you want, metal display eyelets can be fitted, depending on your preference.

If you would like to find out more about how a woven fabric banner can help you. Use the easy contact form on the side of this page and let me know what you have in mind. I will be happy to provide whatever information you need.

Poly banners start at just $147 including GST and like all my banners and signs come with FREE Artwork and design.

Thanks for reading.

Steve The Vinyl Banner Guy