Banner Marketing

Most of the business banners I create are designed from a Marketing perspective they are all about helping you achive your business objective.

Whether that’s to bring more customers through the door, put more new members on the books or to have more parishioners on seats every Sunday.Banner Marketing

All these uses have one thing in common, that is a Marketing message.

They are made to help persuade people into doing what you want them to – not in a bad way.

Marketing by definition is non-personal sales.

Selling that you do without actually being in front of your prospect. TV ads, direct mail, facebook ads and even vinyl banners can all be used for marketing.

Even this article is a form of marketing (wicked I know…). The message I am sending you is that I am just not another guy who can print pretty pictures on big bits of fabric. These days it is simply not enough.

If you are going to the trouble of getting a marketing banner for your business or organisation in the first place, do yourself a favour and make sure that you make it as effective as you can.

Think Of It Like This

Imagine if over a couple of years your banner finds you 1,000 new clients. If we make that same banner only 10% more effective, that’s 100 extra people you can call clients you would not of otherwise had.

It is worth going to a little extra trouble, and that’s where I can help. I have been marketing on and offline for years. I have read hundreds of books on the subject and have been to seminars both here in Oz and overseas to make sure I keep up to speed with the best way to help you (and me) effectively deliver our message to the people who can benefit most from hearing it.

The biggest banner mistake I see most is too much information.

Your banner has about 5 seconds (or less) to get your message across to your prospects. Most banners are seen from passing cars, so time is short, and drivers are busy with fifty other things apart from reading your sign.

What do you say on your banner?

This is always a tough one. The best answer is that you have an offer for your prospects, with an immediate benefit.

An example is the easy way to show you what I mean.

Let’s say we have a car wash that we want to promote with some banners. We have come up with these two options;

The Vinyl Banner Marketing Difference

Chances are that both of these banners will work. The difference between these two designs is banner one is essentially just a big price tag. For a sale like this it is probably OK.

The second banner is a little different. It has identified a problem that your prospects face, that is a “Dirty Car”. We have also identified the “No Time problem” (none of us has enough time).

This banners message has joined in the conversation that your prospect is already having in their head.

Your banner has shown two important things to your prospect;

1. You know their problem
2. You can provide a Solution

That’s pretty much somes it up.

Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak

What I am saying is your banner message, your Marketing message, is to sell the Sizzle and not the steak.

Sell your product (or service) benefits to your clients rather than list your features.

What solution do you offer, what problems do you solve, these are the most powerful triggers for your prospect to take action.

It is human nature to move from pain faster than we pursue pleasure and marketing is very much about human nature.

Identify a problem, provide a solution for a fair price and tell people about it. Do this right and some of these people will tell others about you too.

If you get stuck I am happy to lend a hand.

In my expereince it can be easier if someone else helps give you a place to start from (first base).

Thats my job I can do for you when it comes to banners. Especially if you need to promote your business or organisation.

A good product, a fair price and Marketing savvy that will work for you.


Steve – The Banner Guy