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IMPORTANT Note From Steve Scott

Everything has a time, X-banners used to be a great solution. In my opinion they are not any more.

The reason, the banner hardware (the poles, connectors etc. – the stuff beyond my control) are not of a good enough quality any more for me to recommend to any client of mine.

If you were looking for a product to do what an X-Banner used to be able to do, why don’t you contact me directly?

Let’s talk about what you want to do and the result you want to achieve. Between us we may just be we can come up with a solution that will give you exactly what you want.[/content_container]


X Banners are cool. Those of you who have visited my website before, will already know I am a vinyl banners fanatic, though I have to admit that recently my passion has been X Banners.

Though not the ideal solution for outdoor display work (regular vinyl banners are the best answer here), X banners are King of the hill when it comes to indoor events like trade shows, exhibitions and even for use on-site in your business. They are the perfect silent salesman for your reception area or foyer.

X-Banners - Strong, Simple and Easy to Use

They are easy to carry and transport, they weigh next to nothing and can be set up in less than a minute.

X Banners are not just easy to use, they also look fantastic and put your message right where everyone can see it.

If you need to promote your business or organisation at a range of indoor venues, you should really do yourself a favour and invest in your own X-banner.

As I mentioned already, they are very effective Silent Salesman who will work hard for you and deliver your message throughout your entire conference, exhibition or promotion. And they will last you for years… you can even replace the X Banner Sale to update or rotate your marketing message for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

You will look more professional and be more effective with an X-banner in your marketing arsenal, and the best news is my X Banner are Cheap.

You found your way to this page because you are obviously interested in an X Banner of your own. My X-banners are great quality, being constructed from fibre reinforced vinyl fabric for the sail and durable fibre glass rods forming the X-frame and best news of all my X-Banners are the cheapest X-Frame display Banners of their kind available in Australia.

My initial X-Banner offering is a 600 millimetre by 1,600 millimetre unit that will cost you just $165, inclusive of GST. This price also includes delivery right to your door (anywhere in Australia by Aussie Post).

There are no other hidden costs, this is truly the best value X-Banner in Australia bar none. As a bonus I am happy to help design your X-Banner artwork for you FREE of charge or I can use your existing artwork no problem, the choice is yours.

So if you are interested in a quality X-Banner with your own unique design for just $165 delivered to your door (Australia wide), use the link below to my Quick Enquiry form. Send me the details of what you have in mind and your X-banner can be on its way to you before you know it.

X-banners are a really great product and for this price ($165 Delivered ? Inc. GST), why not order your own X-banner today?

Additional X-Banner sails are available to all my X-Banner clients for just $79 each (inc. GST).

If you are serious about your promotions, fill out my X-Banner Quick Enquiry form, I will get back to you ASAP (and usually within the hour).

Best of Success to you.


Steve Scott – The X Banner Guy

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