Make Sure Your Audience Knows Who You Are. The Pro's Definitely Do.

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If You Want To Be Recognised & Remembered By Any Audience, Even If They Have Never See You Perform, Here's The Simple Solution

A Band Backdrop Let's Your Audience Know Who You Are, Even Before You Hit The Stage. It Helps Build Excitement, Anticipation & Tells Your Audience Who You Are & What You're About. 

Do You Have Ideas Of What Your Backdrop Should Look Like? The You're  Are Already On You Way.

With Your Ideas, Together We Can Create a Stellar Backdrop. One That Says Who You Are, In Name & In Spirit & I Do All The Heavy Lifting.

You Don't Have to Know How Anymore, Because Now You Know "Who".

And You Can Get Started for only $97

Steve Scott -

Hunter Valley

New South Wales

Regardless of whether you have had a Backdrop before or not.

Right now there's an opportunity for you to get your own Custom Backdrop, so you can make sure that everyone at your next Gig knows Who You Are & make certain you are taken more Seriously and All this even before you come on stage.

Most all Entertainers know they need a Backdrop to promote themselves effectively.

Dedicated Bands like you who already understand the importance of self promotion themselves as a way to get ahead. That's Why you're here.

What stops many Bands from moving forward with their backdrop usually falls into three main areas, these are:

1. How much does it cost, is it really worth it?

2. We don't have any artwork?

3. How can we make sure that we get it right?

These are all valid concerns though, keep in mind that making no decision is a decision too.

1. What About cost, my backdrops start at $297 (it's called the Club n' Pub, the size is 2,000 by 1,500mm).

The Club n' Pub includes your Backdrop design free. My free design/artwork service consists of your initial design (based on your ideas) and comes with three rounds of changes, updates and modifications to make sure we get it right. And all this costs you nothing until you are happy to Pull The Trigger.

Even then its only $97 to start. I call this my "Slice & Dice" fee.

I use the same quality fabrics on all my Backdrops, regardless of size or cost. I pay the same care and attention to design detail and artwork. The only difference between between the Club n' Pub and my BIG Backdrops is its size. It's only a little sister, not a poor relation.

2. Don't have your own Artwork, no biggie... As I said above. I can do you artwork free, all you need to do is have a good idea of what you want your backdrop to look like.

You can send me images found online, tell me your ideas or scribble then on a paper napkin and send them to be by phone photo. I don't care how you send me your design so long as you can give me a good idea of what you want.

3. Getting Your Backdrop Right, I made a lot of backdrops over the years mainly for Aussie Bands but quite a few for US bands too. In that time I I discovered what works and what doesn't. 

Based on all the questions I get from Musicians and Entertainers just like you, I decided to put a video together to help you get a flying start.

The video covers just about everything you need to know, so you can get your Backdrop right the first time. In fact that's what my video is called. If you want to watch it, I have at at the bottom of this page (here is a shortcut to see it

If you already have your backdrop design & its Print Ready

24 Hours

Confirm Your Design Proof & Backdrop Display Options

24 Hours

Pull the Trigger, & Place Your Backdrop into Production

8-10 Work Days

Once Your Backdrop is complete, I dispatch it for Delivery to you

2-6 Days

How Long Will My Backdrop Take (Timing-Wise)

It is difficult to be 100% precise with timings. The reason is that there are several parts to the process.

To start with there is your artwork. If you have your design in a "Print Ready" format that you can share with me, this is the fastest way to get started. 

Once I have your completed design I can produce a production proof for you (usually in 24 hours or less). The purpose of which is to make certain we are on the same page. To make sure what I can make for you is as you expect it to be.

At this point we can also discuss how you want to display your Backdrop (Eyelets, a Pole Loop, Velcro Loops - or a combination).

Once all this is finalised and you have approved your proof design, we can pull the trigger on production for you. On average, production times are usually 8-10 working days, sometimes a little more, sometimes less.

That said, if you have a deadline, let me know ASAP so I can see if I can hit it for you.

As a rule of thumb, I would rather not rush your backdrop so help me out by giving me the time I need to get it right.

Based on you having your artwork ready to go, the time answer is roughly 10-12 days from when you "Pull The Trigger". This is realistic.

The only remaining variable being delivery, I am in NSW.

Where possible I use Express Post for Backdrop deliveries. Traditionally this is the fastest and the safest method available.

What Can Put The Brakes On?

The single biggest factor is your artwork. If you do not have your design in a "Print Ready" format, you need to have a good idea of exactly what you want. If you want to know more about this, I suggest you watch my video "Gig Backdrops, How to Get Them Right The First Time".

That said, I am happy to work with you on your design, most Bands I work with take this route. Remember though, you are the boss. I need you to tell me exactly what it is you want on your backdrop.

There's no rules with this, you can send me images you found online, hand drawn stuff that you can text me, or just give me a very detailed description of what you want.

Based on all this I will produce an initial draft design for you, turn this into a proof and email it for your review and for any modifications. Now we can start to massage and tweak your design to give you exactly the look you want. 

This design phase will normally take about 4-5 days, emails and updates being sent to you at each step and modification.

To be a little brutal, I have worked with Bands where this same process has taken 2-3 weeks. The reason is that they started without a clear idea of what they actually wanted.

Give me a call if you want more specific answers, or send me your artwork and we can go from there. There is no obligation, no hidden costs of "Rip-Off" fees for my time. You and your backdrops are what I do and I want to help ensure your Backdrop is everything you wanted and if possible, even more.

Here are examples of What Free Artwork Can Look Like For Your Band, Using Your Ideas or Your Artwork, Steve Can Help Make Things Real

  • Oz Rock Express

  • The All Stars

  • The Cover Junkies

  • Foxy Cleopatra

  • The Eerie Things

Obviously custom made & custom designed, woven fabric Backdrops run heavier than $97.

For instance, one of my most popular Backdrops called the Laneway II is 3,000 by 2,000 mm in size. This come in at a total investment of $593 (Backdrops kick off at just $297).

All my backdrops include artwork (like the example above) and come finished with double stitched hems & nickel plated, reinforced eyelets. You're welcome to choose lighting rig pole loops or velcro loops (no extra charge).

I also deliver all my three plus metre Backdrops by Australia Post Express, Australia wide for free.

Band Backdrop Types Guide


Size MM

woven supatuff

woven blockout


6,000 by 3,000



The Headliner

4,600 by 2,900



The Music Fest

4,000 by 2,000



 The Laneway II

3,000 by 2,000



The Laneway

3,000 by 1,600



The Club n' Pub

2,000 by 1,500



Band Veteran Speaks About His Experience Getting a Backdrop From Steve

Still Interested? Then read these 10 important facts about Band Backdrops that you may not have thought about yet:

1. Even before you come on stage, your audience knows who you are, they can check you out on your Social Media Pages and be more engaged with you during your performance.

2. This even works after your show, your backdrop should be one of the last things you take down after your show and the first thing during your set up.

3. Woven fabrics make your backdrop easy to tour with, a three metre wide backdrop will fold up easily to something the size of a shoe box.  
(PVC Vinyl Backdrops are DEAD).

4. Your backdrop helps you to look more professional, the crowd like it and your venue operators will too. The result is you can get more Gigs for your band.

5. Your backdrop will boost engagement on your social media pages and we all know how important that is.

6. You have the choice of two excellent woven fabric, Supa-Tuff and Blockout. Both of these are head and shoulders better than vinyl for on stage work. (PVC Vinyl Backdrops are DEAD - I know, though it's worth saying again).

7. Your backdrop can be finished with reinforced metal eyelets for display (black chrome in colour).

8. Or you can have a pole loop included across the top as well as eyelets down the sides at no extra charge. This my work better for you if lighting rigs are involved

9. I can use your artwork if you already have something ready to go, not artwork handling BS either. The backdrop numbers shown are solid, no hidden costs that will sneak up on you,

10. And you only need to put $97 down to get started, on any size backdrop you want (prices start at just $297 for a 2,000mm by 1,500mm backdrop including custom artwork  - up to 4 hours worth).

Steve's Gig Backdrop Sizes

I have a confession to make, one reason I put so much into you getting exactly the Backdrop you need is that almost all of my business starts with someone like you and your band who I have helped with a Backdrop.

Let me explain.

When someone (like you) who is already in the industry is satisfied with the backdrop we (you and I) have created together, sometimes another Muso will ask them about their backdrop.

If I have done the best I can for you and you are pleased with the result, a recommendation can happen.

Music makers and Entertainers can be are a tight bunch (like you know), so the best advertisement I can have is a satisfied musician like you who already owns one of my backdrops. Word of mouth is my marketing.

That's it. What do you think?

If the time is right and you are interest in a custom backdrop for your band, $97 to pull the trigger and get you started is not so much, how much does your phone cost every month?

Send me a text, call me or use the form below to get in touch.

0415 105 532.

In any event, I appreciate you visiting my website today and I wish you and your band the very best of success. I am here to help you.


(the Band Banner Guy)

PS. Call or Just Text me... 0415 105 532. There is zero obligation, I'm here to help you.

If you are on the fence about a backdrop for your band, listen to Dave Sutton's Video above or read Tyler James experience below. They say it much better than I ever could.

PPS. If you have been thinking about a Backdrop for your show for a while, then you have already know what a difference a Backdrop can make.

I can't remember a better time for you to be able to pull the trigger on your own backdrop, make it happen, my $97 down offer is genuine. The rest is up to you...

PPPS. Check out my "How To" Backdrop video at the bottom of the page. I've worked with lots of bands on 100's of backdrops (both here in Australia and the U.S. too).

Based on that experience I have compiled what I have learned about getting your backdrop right, the first time. 

Cheers & Thanks

Need Help? 

I will reply to you in 2 hours or less during business hours (Over 97% of My Replies Are Same Day).?

Other Bands Experience

All Band Artwork pictured below was created by Steve free of charge. Just because your art is Gratis don't think it's crap. 

The CoverJunkies - Las Vegas

The CoverJunkies - Las Vegas Nevada  

TYLER JAMES (Frontman) “Tyler James Band”

My Backdrop made me feel like the crowd took me more seriously as an entertainer and held my show in higher regard than others on the same night, not just another band on stage!

Steve could not have been a friendlier, more approachable guy, and was so accommodating and made me feel valued not just as a customer but as a person in the Industry.

I would without a doubt recommend Steve. Do it :)


JUSTIN GIBSON (Promo & Bass) for “Agent86”

We needed a backdrop to present a professional image to the public. Also to create a visual link to our Facebook page.

Before the backdrop, we relied on Flyers, word of mouth & Facebook, but now our backdrop is getting noticed and commented on.

Steve went the extra mile to create a great product, making numerous improvements on my original design.

There are many printing companies offering "banners", not many of them are specific to the music industry

Definitely, good service. If you are looking for a backdrop get your design & quote done by Steve!

Justin Gibson

Learn How To Get Your Backdrop Right - The First Time - The Guide

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