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Steve's Secret Band Backdrop Sale

How To Get A Custom Band Backdrop  For The Best Possible Price

Aussie Banner Guy Says He'll Create a Band Backdrop For You Using Only the Best Woven Fabric, Help Custom Design Your Backdrop With You So It Is Exactly What You Need to Promote Your Band On Stage & You Can Get Started for Just $97

Steve Scott -

Wangi Wangi

New South Wales

Dear Friend

If you would like to own a Backdrop for your Band and get it real cheap, here is some good news.

My name is Steve Scott and I'm the Band Banner creator here in Wangi Wangi N.S.W. and I have an opportunity for you to get your hands on a Custom Made Backdrop for you and your band for a fraction of the cost that you would normally expect to pay.

Not only that, your backdrop will include a custom design, with your input to make sure it is exactly what you need to promote your show. It will be made made using the best woven fabric available (vinyl backdrops are a little Ol'school  these days).

And you can get started for just $97.

What I Created For A Local Newcastle Band in NSW

This Example Shows What Free Artwork Can Look Like For Your Band. Using Your Ideas, Steve Can Help Make Things Real

Why am I offering such a good deal? The reason is simple. I ordered a boat load of Backdrop quality woven fabric a couple of months ago.

You know the story, an offer too good to refuse. But having the balance lying around doesn't do me any good (this stuff is expensive) and I need to move it on.

This is why I am making it as easy as I can for you to own a backdrop now with just $97 to get started.

Obviously the total is a bit higher than $97, for instance, you can own a three metre backdrop (3,000mm by 1,600mm)  right now from just $427  (Only $97 To Get Started).

This includes your basic artwork done for you & Australia wide delivery for free.

Steve's Secret Band Backdrop Sale - FOR Insiders ONLY!

Backdrop Name

Size in Metres


Supa-Tuff Sale

Blockout Sale


3 by 1.6 Mtrs




Laneway II

3 by 2 Mtrs




Music Fest

4 by 2 Mtrs




Music Fest II

4 By 2.5 Mtrs




The Headliner


Custom Size

4.7 By 2.9 Mtrs

6 By 3 Mtrs

Min 5.0 Sq Mtrs






$78 sq/Mtr



$87 sq/Mtr

Can't Read The Backdrop Info - Then Download The PDF - Click Here

Band Veteran Speaks About His Experience Getting a Backdrop From Steve

Below are 10 important facts about my Backdrops:

10 important facts about Band Backdrops:

1. Even before you come on stage, your audience knows who you are, they can check you out on your Social Media Pages and be more engaged with you during your performance.

2. This even works after your show, your backdrop should be one of the last things you take down after your show and the first thing during your set up.

3. Woven fabrics make your backdrop easy to tour with, a three metre wide backdrop will fold up easily to something the size of a shoe box.

4. Your backdrop helps you to look more professional, the crowd like it and your venue operators will too. So you can get more Gigs for your band.

5. Your backdrop will boost engagement on your social media pages and we all know how important that is.

6. You have the choice of two excellent woven fabric, Supa-Tuff and Blockout. Both of these are head and shoulders better than vinyl for on stage work.

7. Your backdrop can be finished with reinforced metal eyelets for display (black chrome in colour).

8. Or you can have a pole loop included across the top as well as eyelets down the sides at no extra charge.

9. I can use your artwork if you already have something ready to go, not artwork handling BS.

10. And you only need to put $97 down to get started, on any size backdrop you want (prices start at just $427 for a 3,000mm by 1,600mm backdrop including basic design and delivery).

Steve's Gig Backdrop Sizes

I have one confession to make, one other reason I am willing to make you such a great offer now is that almost all of my Band business starts with someone like you and your band.

Let me explain.

This happens when someone (like you) who is already in the industry recommends me to someone they know in the music biz who they think can benefit from a band backdrop too.

Music makers and Entertainers can be are a tight bunch (like you know), so the best advertisement I can have is a satisfied Band client who already owns one of my backdrops.

That's it.

Like I said above, I ordered a boat load of Backdrop woven fabric a couple of months ago and I'm down to the last 157 square metres of fabric at that discounted price (at the time of writing).

And once it's gone, I think it will be tough for me to be able to match these offers again any time soon.

So if you are interest in a custom backdrop for your band and think just $97 to get you started is the way to go, send me a text, call me or use the form below to get in touch.

0415 105 532.

In any event, I appreciate you visiting my website today and I wish you and your band the very best of success.


(the Band Banner Guy)

PS. If you are on the fence about a backdrop for your band, read Tyler James experience below. He can put into words much better than I can why your band needs a backdrop too.

PPS. If you have been thinking about a Backdrop for your show for a while, then you have already know what a difference a Backdrop can make.

I can't remember a better time  for you to be able to pull the trigger on your own backdrop, make it happen, my $97 down offer is genuine. The rest is up to you...


PPPS. Check out my  "How To" Backdrop video at the bottom of the page.  I've worked with lots of bands on 100's of backdrops (both here in  Australia and the U.S. too).

Based on that experience I have compiled what I have learned about getting your backdrop right, the first time

Call or Just Text me... 0415 105 532. There is zero obligation, I'm here to help you.

Cheers & Thanks

Need Help? 

I will reply to you in 2 hours or less during business hours (Over 97% of My Replies Are Same Day).?

Other Bands Experience

TYLER JAMES (Frontman) “Tyler James Band”

My Backdrop made me feel like the crowd took me more seriously as an entertainer and held my show in higher regard than others on the same night, not just another band on stage!

Steve could not have been a friendlier, more approachable guy, and was so accommodating and made me feel valued not just as a customer but as a person in the Industry.

I would without a doubt recommend Steve. Do it :)


JUSTIN GIBSON (Promo & Bass) for “Agent86”

We needed a backdrop to present a professional image to the public. Also to create a visual link to our Facebook page.

Before the backdrop, we relied on Flyers, word of mouth & Facebook, but now our backdrop is getting noticed and commented on.

Steve went the extra mile to create a great product, making numerous improvements on my original design.

There are many printing companies offering "banners", not many of them are specific to the music industry

Definitely, good service. If you are looking for a backdrop get your design & quote done by Steve!

Justin Gibson

How To Get Your Backdrop Right - The First Time - The Guide

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