Privacy Policy

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In today’s digital age, countless sophisticated methods track our online behaviors. While most of this tracking is anonymous and harmless, the complexity of these methods makes it crucial for me to share my stance on privacy with you.

Your Privacy Matters

As fellow members of the vast online community, we all value our privacy. My website,, is a commercial venture that thrives by assisting wonderful people like you. Whether it’s banners or related services, I’m here to help. But more than business, I deeply respect and prioritize your privacy.

Building Trust in the Digital World

For an online business like mine to succeed, trust is paramount. I understand the leap of faith you take when making transactions without meeting face-to-face. I’m committed to ensuring this trust is never misplaced.

How We Handle Payments and Data

Direct Communication: Most of our transactions happen through direct communication, typically via email. This way, I can understand your needs, assist with design, and once you’re satisfied, you can make a payment directly from your bank. Simple, clean, and secure.

PayPal: For those who prefer it, I use PayPal – one of the most secure online payment systems globally.

WooCommerce: For direct online purchases, I employ WooCommerce, a trusted e-commerce platform. It ensures a smooth, efficient, and secure transaction process.

Your Data and Its Security

Every transaction record, including essential details like your name, delivery address, and purchase specifics, is securely stored. This data is crucial for warranty, administrative purposes, and to serve you better in the future. I want to emphasize that:

I only collect data directly from you, ensuring a first-party context.

Your data might be shared with third parties only when necessary to provide you with specific services. I’ll always be transparent about this and ensure you’re informed.
I always seek your consent for data sharing, especially when required by law or any applicable policies.

I never collect data from users under the age of 13, ensuring compliance with global online safety standards.

Tools and Security

While might seem like a small player in the vast online market, I assure you that the security measures in place are top-notch. I use tools provided by Google to enhance your experience and ensure your data’s safety. Additionally, I’ve chosen PayPal for transactions because of its unparalleled security, even if it comes at a cost to me. Your security and privacy are worth that price.

A Note on Google Tools

I utilize tools supplied by Google to refine my website for visitors like you. This data helps me tailor my ads to be as relevant and helpful as possible. For more insights into how Google uses this data, please refer to Google’s Privacy Policy.

In Conclusion

Your privacy is as vital to me as my own. I invest in the best online security to ensure every transaction you make is safe, secure, and reliable. While might be a modest presence online, the measures I’ve taken to protect your privacy are second to none.

Thank you for taking the time to understand how I value and protect your privacy. I eagerly await the opportunity to assist you with a vinyl banner or any other service you might need.

Warm regards,

Steve Scott

2/57 Mount View Road
New South Wales 2325

PS. On my website I also use tools supplied By Google (Google is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.).

These tools help me monitor all the visits to my website and the way people visit and use the information I provide here. This helps me fine tune the way my site works to better suit visitors like you for a better, more appropriate and more secure, experience.

I also advertise with Goole and the information about how people use my website helps me to make my ads as helpful as possible,

You can find out more about this directly from Google: Google’s Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

For a detailed run down on how Google use this information when your surfing the internet generally, please visit Google’s Privacy Page here :
Well that’s it. I hope that this helps you understand how important your privacy is to me and that you enjoy your experience looking around my website.
All the best to you and yours.
Steve Scott

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