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Hello There,

These days online, there are literally thousands of sophisticated ways of following how people like you, and people like me use the internet, as well as shop online.

Most of this is done in a completely honest and anonymous way, and is of little threat to our privacy. That said and because of the level of sophistication involved, I feel that it is important to give you my stance on the subject of Privacy, Your Privacy.

As members of the internet community privacy issues affects us all.

My website is obviously a commercial enterprise. It exists, survives and grows by helping people like you to get what they want (in my case Banners and similar products & services). I strive to provide my products including fabric banners, marketing help and custom artwork at a good price, with great service and most importantly with the absolute minimum of risk to your privacy.

I Take Your Privacy Very Seriously

To be able to successfully run an internet based business like mine I rely on good people like you to trust me enough, to allow me to complete a transaction for them without ever meeting face to face. It is not easy. To help foster and guarantee this trust, I work very hard. is not an eBay, it is not an It is a very small fish in a huge sea. So to allow me to be able to conduct my business with the absolute minimum of risk to you my clients, I use two systems.

The first and most popular way that people like you buy from me is to we communicate (usually via email) together so I can find out exactly what it is you need, I can help you with your design and artwork (mostly FREE of charge) and when you are 100% happy with your banner design, you can transfer your payment directly from the safety of your own bank account. That’s it, no mess no fuss and no added risk.

The second method I use is PayPal, one of the most secure online payment systems available on the planet. .

Also with PayPal I currently use third party software for direct online purchases from my website. This is called Woocommerce.

Woocommerce is a widely used eCommerce platform that helps you buy from me in a quick, efficient and secure way that at the time of writing uses PayPal to help ensure your information is kept as safe as possible.

Records of your transaction are kept. This includes the minimum information require for your transaction and is purely for any warranty or administration purposes. The information includes your name, delivery address, an optional phone number along with information about what your purchased.

This software like all the tools used on my website is kept up to date on a daily basis and is monitored for your safety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are free alternatives available for me to be able to conduct business online in a very similar way to PayPal and while these alternatives are very secure, they are not the most secure option available. That’s why I use PayPal and will continue to do so until a better solution is available.

PayPal is not a cheap option for me. A percentage of every item I supply online goes through PayPal along with a flat fee for every transaction my clients make. I do not pass this cost on to my customers and never will. Frankly I see this cost as a very necessary part of doing business online, and this cost to me helps pay for your security and your privacy.

I know how important your privacy is, I know because my privacy is just as important to me. That is why I am happy to pay for the very best online security available. This is so you can rest easy, knowing any transaction you make with me is safe, secure and the most reliable available today.

As I said, may only be a very small shop on the internet, but the guard dogs I have protecting your privacy are some of the best money can buy.

Thanks for taking the time to read this message. I look forward to being able to help you with a vinyl banner soon.

Kind Regards

Steve Scott – Australia’s Best Value Vinyl Banners

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New South Wales 2325

PS. On my website I also use tools supplied By Google (Google is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.).

These tools help me monitor all the visits to my website and the way people visit and use the information I provide here. This helps me fine tune the way my site works to better suit visitors like you for a better, more appropriate and more secure, experience.

I also advertise with Goole and the information about how people use my website helps me to make my ads as helpful as possible,

You can find out more about this directly from Google: Google’s Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

For a detailed run down on how Google use this information when your surfing the internet generally, please visit Google’s Privacy Page here :
Well that’s it. I hope that this helps you understand how important your privacy is to me and that you enjoy your experience looking around my website.
All the best to you and yours.
Steve Scott

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