Wanting to display your banner immediately after first get it can be… well overwhelming. You have already gone to the hard work.

Your banner design is good, your banners colours are right and your banner marketing message is on target. You even have the best banner size for the distance your prospects will see your banner.

BannerSagNow it’s time to get it working for a living and put it on show. Your banner will only ever do you good, while it is on display, so get to it. (After you read this 🙂

So many banners I see along the highways and byways are let down by “Banner Sag”. You have seen it. That terrible drooping look banners get when they have not been tied correctly, or just been put in a bad spot.

This is a shame, and it is a waste of a valuable resource, the opportunity cost we can only guess at. probably very high.

Banners with embedded ropes are notorious for the Banner Sag Syndrome. My theory is that the embedded ropes want to hang in a parabolic curved shape, much like power lines do strung overhead.

The problem with this is that banners are mostly straight edged. With curving rope and straight banner edges, there is only ever going to be tears with this style of banner.

This is why embedded rope banners never look as good as their hemmed and eyeleted equivalents when on display

Add to this your banners fabric stretching at a different rates to the rope, and you have got trouble. This elasticity difference leads to the sail effect common with these old style banners. They just don’t look as good. I do not use embedded rope any more as a result.

Keep Your Banner On Target

Target Your BannerYour banner, to work at its optimum has to be facing your “Target” audience as directly as possible.

Think of the face of your banner as the face of a giant searchlight. Imagine where the beam from your imaginary search is pointing. Is it aimed right at where your prospects are coming from? This is the ideal situation, one that is surprisingly difficult to find.

This is especially true if your are displaying your banner on a roadside or some other less than perfect location.

You want to keep your banner focused as closely as possible to where your people are coming from. Every degree away from “plumb”, that you banner faces, reduces the visual size of your sign. It will still work well up to 10-15 degrees off centre, but you are losing size the further away you stray.

Stay on target.

Another important consideration when displaying your banner is to keep it as level as you can. A banner hanging off centre just looks… cock-eyed.

If you do this as an effect, it may draw attention to your banner, more than a level display, but this will depend on your message, you will know what’s right for your banner and your business.

Next I’ll Cover How to Tie Your Banner. The link to the article will be here in a few days. I am still writing it.

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