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Steve The Banner Guy -

Don't Be Mediocre, You, Your Clients, Your People & Your Fans Don't Want Mediocre, Stand Out, Be BOLD - This is NOT the Dress Rehearsal

"Everything I do, I Believe In Challenging the Status Quo I Believe In Thinking Differently."

The way I challenge the status quo is by beautiful design with content creation focused on YOU and what you want.

That's right, I do what you want, not what I want. That said, I will advise you if I think I can help make You More Effective.

I just happen to make great banners, signs & backdrops.

Steve The Banner Guy

Steve's  Favourites

Need Help? 

I will reply to you in 2 hours or less during business hours (Over 97% of My Replies Are Same Day).

PS. Is your request or banner URGENT? If you have a deadline you need to meet, please help me to help to you & tell me your timing right at the "Get Go".


Other Peoples Experience

I wanted a Vehicle Under Tow sign & this one was the only one that fitted the bill.There have been no problems, the sign was great.

Steve was very helpful, great service & the process was good.

No real hassle I would recommend this sign to others & have already done so.

Paul Jensen

My Backdrop made me feel like the crowd took me more seriously as an entertainer.

Steve could not have been a friendlier, more approachable guy. He made me feel valued & not just as a customer.

I would without a doubt recommend Steve. Do it :)


(Frontman) “Tyler James Band”

We needed a backdrop to present a professional image to the public. Steve went the extra mile to create a great product, making numerous improvements on my original design.

Definitely, good service. If you are looking for a backdrop get your design & quote done by Steve.


(Promo & Bass) for “Agent86”

What You Can Expect Here

I create designs that are all about getting the result you want. This is where the rubber hits the road for most all of my artwork and it is my focus .

I don't just make signs... Over ninety-four percent of every piece of artwork I have cross my desk is unique, targeted and eye catching.

If you after something standard, ordinary or routine. I am probably not the person for you.

On the other hand, if distinctive, extraordinary and something remarkable sounds about right, then welcome.

I love helping the people I work with and guarantee I will over deliver for you every time.

What do you have in mind today?