Steve The Banner Guy

"Everything I do, I Believe In Challenging the Status Quo I Believe In Thinking Differently."

The way I challenge the status quo is by beautiful design with client focused content, that does the job that you want it to.

I just happen to make great banners.

Steve The Banner Guy


Don't Be Mediocre, You, Your Clients, Your People & Your Fans Don't Want Mediocre, Stand Out, Be BOLD - This is NOT the Dress Rehearsal

Steve's  Favourites

Client Testimonials

“Tyler James Band”


My Backdrop made me feel like the crowd took me more seriously as an entertainer and held my show in higher regard than others on the same night, not just another band on stage!Steve could not have been a friendlier, more approachable guy, and was so accommodating and made me feel valued not just as a customer but as a person in the Industry.I would without a doubt recommend Steve to every band I work with that wants to be taken seriously.Do it, people hear with their eyes :)

Tyler James (Frontman/Project Leader)

“Junior danger”


I wanted to use the artwork for our yet to be released Album, Steve made it easy.He sent the initial proof design and after a couple of minor mods we were ready to pull the trigger.It was easier than I thought to make our backdrop happen.Thanks again Steve, your passion for your work is great to see!CheersDamien of Junior Danger

Damien Brown (Junior danger)



I wanted to push our Brand. I had been networking at our gigs, handing out cards, talking with people before we got our backdrop.Thanks Steve, great, communication and service, quick turn around too.You should give Steve a call

Adam Craig (Bassist, Singer, Back up Singer, Organiser, Arse Kicker)



The name of my band is Agent86, I do the Promotions / Marketing & play Bass.We needed a backdrop to present a professional image to the public. Also to create a visual link to our Facebook page.Before the backdrop, we relied on Flyers, word of mouth & Facebook. It's still early days, but our backdrop is getting noticed and commented on.Steve went the extra mile to create a great product, making numerous improvements on my original design.There are many printing companies offering "banners", not many of them are specific to the music industry, so you can't tell what the finished product might look like from their web pages.Definitely, good service. If you are looking for a backdrop get your design & quote done by Steve!

What You Can Expect Here

I create designs that are all about getting the result you want. This is where the rubber hits the road for most all of my artwork and it is my focus .

I don't just make signs... Over ninety-four percent of every piece of artwork I have cross my desk is unique, targeted and eye catching.

If you after something standard, ordinary or routine. I am probably not the person for you.

On the other hand, if distinctive, extraordinary and something remarkable sounds about right, then welcome.

I love helping the people I work with and guarantee I will over deliver for you.

What do you have in mind today?