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Why Steve the vinyl banner guy &

I think the main difference between what I offer you and what you will find elsewhere is what I provide beyond the products themselves (vinyl banners, flags corflute signs etc.).

Effective Vinyl Banner DesignIt’s about providing you with an effective solution, and not just a flat piece of printed vinyl.

I see so many vinyl banners and signs that are letting their owners down.

The wrong colours are used, this makes your banner difficult to read. The message displayed is weak or often nonexistant, this is a waste. Too much information, your banner may as well be written in Swahili.

Most of the banners I create are made for business and organisations (clubs, schools, church groups & charities too). And they all have a job to do.

Advertising Should Be Calculated Investment, Not a Speculative Gamble

You only invest in a banner because there is a message you want to deliver to your prospects. One that will help your organisation move forward and grow.

Whether that’s more customers for your business, more members for your club, or more support for your charity. Your banner needs to pay for itself, and get the job you want – done.

Vinyl Banners That Stand OutThe more effective your banners design (any sign in fact), the better it will accomplish the task you’ve set.

This may seem like common sense but when you look at some of the banners & signs in your area, how many really catch your attention?

Compared to a standard vinyl banner or sign, your banner done right can be 10, 20 even 100 times more effective.

How can this be?

The reason this kind of improvement is possible is because a poorly designed advertising banner is useless. It will do you no good at all.

While an effective custom vinyl banner design will get the job you want done.

Bland, Boring & Ordinary Vinyl Banners Don’t Work

If you spent $100 on a ordinary vinyl banner that doesn’t work, that’s $100 down the tube.

Spend that same $100 on a banner that is on target. One that uses the right colours to be seen and easily read, one that has the right message and engages your prospects, and is the correct size for your location.

The difference in performance, one to the other can be staggering.

I get a little hot under the collar when I see badly designed vinyl banners and signs. They are such a waste.

I think of the banners owner, wasting their money on a useless piece of advertising. Find Out More

Perforated vinyl rear window advertising stickers are a brilliant way to promote your business, everywhere you go.

Car Rear Window AdThink about it, most Australians have a driving mentality, its like second nature.

Your custom window sign will be seen and looked at thousands of times over its life.

A window sticker shows you are keen about your business, and they don’t make your car look like a delivery van either.

Current Rear Window Ad Options

  • Full Design & Artwork and Installation – $400 – ouch
  • Standard DIY Window Sticker – Self Installation – $175-$220
  • My Intro Special – DIY Rear Window Stickers – $99 (1.3sq. mtrs)
    • Plus Get an Identical Window Sticker Free (2 for 1 Sale)
    • Think of It as your DIY Sticker Insurance

Custom made car signs can be costly, your artwork alone can set you back $200.

Forget that. Right now, you can own a custom made rear window sticker for your car, your design specifications, help if you need it – by me – for free.

Your Rear Window Sticker Proof artworkNow no joke, this is an excellent offer, though some people will still cringe at the thought of putting a big window sticker on their car.

They get turned away because they think they might “Ball’s it Up”, and waste their money.

The truth is, car window stickers are easier to [click to continue…]