How To Get The Best Value Street Flags With FREE Design in Any Configuration & a FREE Sample Before You Start

A Street Flag or street banner are one of the most effective and most economical ways to get your message, any message delivered to your people.

Street Flags Pole bannerWhether you are promoting an event, a celebration, or just want to draw attention to the things that are important for you to let the public know.

Street flags can change an average streetscape into some fun and festive. And without taking anything away from the atmosphere that already exists.

They are cheap, high profile, non-invasive and they tend not to irritate the people who see them.

Try doing that with video, posters, banners or direct mail. Not easy.

If you have been thinking about street flags for your business, club, organisation or even a suburb or city, I have some good news for you.

Hello, my name is Steve Scott and my street flags are 100% Custom Made to suit you and your needs – whatever they may be.

By way of an introduction I am probably better known for my banners than I am my street flags, and for that reason, I want to offer you the best experience, quality and value possible.

Street Flags At a DiscountOne popular benefit I offer straight out of the gate is artwork and design.

You can use your own or I am happy to give you a hand.

In fact over 96% of the artwork I have done for my clients has been absolutely free of charge. And that includes the designs you can see on this page.

So rather than rabbit on and waste your time, below is a list of my most common street flag questions and the answers.

If the information you need is not here, you can email me using the form at the side of this page or you can call me 0415 105 532.


Street FLags Q&A

1. What street flag sizes are available?

My street flags are available in any size you want. Minimum width is usually 500mm. But this is more of a guideline than a rule. Get in touch if you need something special.

Australia Day Street Banner

2. What street flag configurations can get?

Because all my street flags are 100% custom made for you, you can literally have any configuration you need.

I can make them suit any existing display poles you have and be compatible with any infrastructure that is already in place.

l you have to do is let me know exactly what you need and I am happy to design, quote and even provide you with a free sample if you’re serious. That’s what I mean about providing you with a good experience.

The way I see this is, if you have something big on your horizon. Big enough that you need street flags to help make it the best it can be.

You really don’t have time to micromanage a street flag project.

You tell me what you want, I use your design or make one for you, you OK the proof, I create a sample for you – free.

The only prerequisite for a sample is that you need 10 or more street flags in your order. I think the reasons for this are obvious 🙂

Custom Street FlagIf you’re happy to proceed after seeing your sample, you give me your timeline and your flags will appear on or before the date you specify.

That’s it.

3. What are the minimum and maximum order requirements?

Because of the setup required to produce a street, one seems a bit silly. That said I don’t want to stop you from using them in your promotion just because of a minimum quantity.

That’s why my minimum order is 2 flags. I think that’s pretty fair.

At the other end of the scale, If you need more than 2,000 street flags, please to give me a little notice. But that said as many as you need I can do.

Obviously, discounts for quantity are certainly available.

4. How much do your street flags cost?

Street Flag prices depend on the size of your flag, the type of construction required and of course the quantity.

That said, a flag size 550mm by 1,700mm works out at $121 each with GST in small numbers. While a larger 800mm by 2,500mm flag will work out at $197 per unit in numbers of 10-25 units.

As I mentioned above, I am happy to provide you with a detailed quote once I have specific details what you need. Use the form at the side of this page to get in touch.

Pole Banner ANZAC Day 100th Year

5. Are Double Sided Street Flags Available?

Yes, they are.

While most of the street flags I create are single sided and legible both sides (the standard street flag fabric is translucent).

The back side of the flags, of course, appears in mirror reverse.

While this works for a large percentage of designs, if your artwork incorporates your logo or it needs to be seen both sides as it was intended, double sided printing is required.

Double sided does add to the cost, and the fabric required to accomplish this will need to be heavier than standard. So your design does not bleed through and be visible on the opposite side.

6. Can Street flags be Reused?

Yes, they can.

christmasstreetflagLike any product used in all weather outdoors, street flags will eventually need replacing.

Until that time, though they can be used over and over without a problem.

Made of woven and knitted polyester fabrics they are very tough in spite of their gossamer appearance.

All the seams are stitched and the spine of most street flag designs include tough webbing where the wear and tear is greatest.

This allows a long service life and keeps them looking good as long as possible.

I have personally had my street flags flying (out front of my office) in gale force winds without and issue.

And when I say gale force I mean it. Winds over 38 knots (70+ km/per hr), and for extended periods too.

7. Can I use my logo on my street flags?

Of course, you can.

You can have just about anything you want on your flags. My only disclaimer here is nothing in bad taste and nothing offensive.

If these questions don’t tell you everything you need to know, use the contact form above or call me on 0415 105 532.

I am keen to hear what you have in mind.

Don’t forget to remind me to let you in on my BIG Promo special Bonuses.

Have a Good One



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