Need a BIG banner. Mesh Banners are the ideal solution to most all BIG banner printing jobs.

Mesh banners can be used indoors, especially when large size is a major consideration. though they really come into their own when used outside.

Mesh BannersUnlike a standard PVC vinyl banner, mesh banners by virtue of the perforated fabric (that gives them their name), allows the free flow of air through them and not just around them.

Wind pushing on a banner is called the sail effect, and it is most prominent on vinyl banners more so than mesh. The sail effect is the main reason behind wind vents or wind holes being needed on larger vinyl banners sizes (of 6 sq metres or more).

Frankly (and in my opinion), wind vents look ugly and detract from your banners artwork and therefore from your message too.

The reduction in “Sail effect” experienced outdoors by mesh banners is the main reason they are used exclusively for building projects, as standard construction site banners, construction fencing and for large building signage too.

They are also becoming more common at trade shows, on stage as backdrops or anywhere you need a BIG sign and major impact.

All banners experience the sail effect, though with the use of mesh fabric banners, the need for wind holes is eliminated. The reduction in the torsional load carried by a mesh banners compared to vinyl banners when the wind is hollowing can be as much as 50% depending on the mesh type used.

This makes Mesh Banners far better at handling the elements than even the toughest PVC vinyl. Though like any membrane type fabric, they are not indestructible. If you think your mesh banner will be exposed to higher than normal wind loading because of its location, size or intended use, the implementation of bungies to fasten them is a good idea rather than just using cable ties.

The bungee allows the banner to balloon out in a strong breeze and snap back into position once the wind has passed.

That said, all my mesh banners are made to an “Outdoor Tough” specification, and are fully hemmed (double thickness) with double stitching all round. They also come standard with metal display eyelets in whatever configuration and number you require. I can also build pole loops into your banner for easy display on a… pole :).

My mesh banner sizes  are up to 5 metres tall, in virtually any length you want.

The graphics for your mesh banner can be a repeating message, logo or any picture you desire. This design is popular on construction site fencing. Or you can opt for a single piece of artwork which covers the entire area of your banner. The choice is yours.

All my mesh banners are custom made to order. I don’t have standard stuff sitting on the shelf, and why would you want construction fence mesh that looks like everyone else’s anyway? Make your site stand out.

To give you an idea of price, I have a special on 2 mesh banners, 3,000 by 1,000mm in size for just $447, including GST and Australia wide delivery. This also includes all your artwork free. The bigger the mesh banner you need, the cheaper per metre they become.

If you are looking for a mesh banner for your construction site, trade show or anywhere else you want to make a BIG impact, drop me a line using the easy contact form at the top of this page. I’d be happy to give you any help you need.

Thanks for reading.

Steve the Vinyl Banner Guy