Magnetic Car SignsA Magnetic signs are an effective and cheap way to turn your car into a rolling advertisement, and it only has to be while you are on the job.

Magnetic signs install in seconds, and can be taken off just as quickly and stored conveniently in the boot of your car when not in use.

I have magnetic sign sizes from A3 all the way up to 600 mm. by 900 mm.. These will stick to any iron based, flat metal surface.

Magnetic sign are not suitable for aluminium or plastic panels. The magnets just don’t stick. These types of materials are sometimes found on sexy modern cars.

That said magnetic signs are compatible with the majority of cars (and vans) on the road. Magnetic signs are the perfect step between no advertising on your car at all and full blown sign writing, but at cents in the dollar by comparison.

Magnetic Car Sign PricesA common mistake to make when getting a magnetic sign (for a car for instance), is to run the sign over a protector strip or ridge on your car’s door. This is not good.

Your magnetic sign could get blow off the side of your car while driving at speed if it is not completely flat & secure against a flat surface,

A curved surface is OK too. So long as the base of your sign does not lift off from the surface of your car or van at any point – No Ridges.

This can be expensive, and dangerous too for pedestrians. Some of them may be potential clients after all 🙂

From a design perspective it is best to keep your magnetic sign easy to read. Most people go for a plain white background. This is OK, but it is dead boring.

For some colour choice advice you might want to look at my vinyl banner colour guide. Even though the guide is designed around vinyl banners, the same principles apply. You can find it with the link here.

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One design I quite like, is to match your magnetic signs background colour to that on your car. I can’t match it exactly – unfortunately – but I’ll get close :). This makes your magnetic sign look a lot more like signwriting and thats not a bad thing.

I have some basic magnetic sign prices here for you for my more common sizes. If you need help with a quote or need a few magnetic signs, please feel free to be in touch. I am happy to help.


Steve – The Vinyl Banner Guy