Custom Window Sticker Special $237 – Get a Second Sticker $2

Custom Car Window Stickers for Business

Dear Business Owner

Have you been looking for a way to promote your business when out on the road or on the job?

Has the thought of a One-way vision, Rear Window Sticker on your car come to mind?

If so, I have some good news for you.

Hello, Steve Scott here, the banner (& sticker) Guy.

Right now I am running a SPECIAL on my full-size car window stickers just for people in business.

I know You’re Busy So Here’s the Deal

Perforated vinyl car windscreen stickerMy offer to you is a Custom Made Rear Window Sticker for your Car, Van or Ute for just $237 (including GST).

Plus get a second identical rear window sticker for only $2.

Same size, same design same everything. Both stickers include free graphic design and marketing savvy if you need a hand, so you can be comfortable your sticker will really work great.

Both stickers include free graphic design and marketing savvy if you need a hand, so you can be comfortable your sticker will actually work.

So many stickers like these I see are just a copy of a business card. Hello!

Business cards are great if someone asks you for a business card.

Though you don’t see many ads on TV that are just a business card.

You never see ads in magazines or the newspaper that are just business cards?

Why? Because business cards do sell.

If you really want a business card for your back window, you don’t need me. Try someone else who doesn’t care if your sign works or not. 

Imagine if I knocked on your door and handed you my business card, smiled and turn away. Would you think?

“WOW! I really have to get something from that guy.”

Of course, you wouldn’t. I wouldn’t.

What if I knocked on your door and held up a sign that said something more like;

Window Stickers that Work.

Would you be more inclined to take some action to this message?

This may be an exaggeration but I hope you get the idea.

What most people in business forget is that our prospects don’t care about us.

They care about their own problems and whether we (our business) can help solve their problems. BIG or small.

Get your window sticker to speak to those problems, the ones that your business can solve for your perfect client, show some understanding and a path to a solution and your sign will WORK.

Remember to do that with all your marketing and you are miles ahead of all your competition immediately.

Anyway, back to your window sticker.

The regular total for one of my Window Stickers is $287, now just $237 with my Extra sticker bonus for just $2 more.

This works out at just $119.50 a piece, for two stickers to promote your business, with no more to pay.

I will also throw in free Australia Wide delivery.

Size is no problem, your stickers can be up to 1.3 square metres each – I am not a stickler here so no drama.

And these window stickers are the real deal.

  1. Made from One Way Vision, perforated vinyl. 
  2. Allow you to see out, and others not to see in. While promoting you at the same time.
  3. Offering security and effective promotion for you and your business
  4. Free Graphic Design So Your Sticker Looks Great
  5. Free Marketing Savvy to help Your Sticker Work Hard For You
  6. And Have Prospects Respond To You Sticker Not Just Look at it
  7. Extra Identical Stickers for a Second car,  a backup or insurance if one gets ruined
  8. $237 and only $2 More for a 2nd Identical Sticker

You can pay $400 (or more) for a custom design sticker like this, AND that’s $400 each. It’s crazy when you can have two, made using the same high-quality materials and printing for just $239 delivered.

WHY Can I Do This? 

All my cost is wrapped up in designing your sticker, it takes time, effort and experience to make a sign for your vehicle that will move and motivate your prospects to action.

That’s my BIG cost.

So a second identical sticker is easy for me to give you for just $2, I can afford to take some pain to give you the WIN. It works for both of us.

Car Window Decal Design Made EasyNo Artwork – No Problem

If you need a hand with your artwork, I am your man.

This is a free service I offer with this special, and it’s not just simple text on a coloured background either (unless that’s what you want of course).

I have to admit, I am a marketing animal, ”Guilty as charged”. I love it, and I am happy to share my experience and marketing savvy with you.

I can help create a vehicle ad for you, and your business that works.

No Business Cards Copies Please – Take It Somewhere Else

If you want a window sticker that is a copy of your business card, please take it somewhere else. I don’t like working on signs or stickers unless they work.

Should you have your own design, too easy. You can email it to me directly.

Let me make it clear, there are no crazy charges for “artwork handling” at all. It’s free.

Here’s a Window Sticker design template you can download to help you with your ideas for your Vehicle ad. You can draw your design by hand if you want, just email a copy to me.

I will work it into a professional looking layout for you, for your review. You can then let me know of any changes you would like from there.

My free artwork includes your initial design and up to three rounds of changes and review. Just to make certain you are 100% happy with your design before I create your window stickers for you.

The template also lists the dimensions I’ll need to create your Window Sticker design and your finished stickers (both of them).

Now the bad news.

You have to stick it on yourself 🙁

Don’t panic. It is easy as 1-2-3.

What They Don’t Want You to Know

I scoured the net looking for the best (and 100% independant) instruction video to demonstrate how easy it is to apply your own window sticker, it really is simple.

Watch the vid and see for yourself.

See – told you, easy.

Still not convinced.

This is the main reason behind my $2, second sticker. It’s like Window Sticker Insurance.

Here’s what I mean.

Don't Be Scared

Most people shy away from the DIY thing, they are scared of making a mistake. They get anxious that things won’t work out. They spend the $400 it normally costs instead.

You have seen how easy it is in the video (go on, check it out if you haven’t already).

Plus you have your Back Up Sticker in reserve, on the off chance that everything goes pear shaped. And $239 is still half the full price anyway.

Your second sticker is your insurance policy. There for you if you need it. And if you don’t, even better. Use your second sticker for another vehicle, or for both sides of your Ute or Van.

Compare this with the alternative window sticker options, print and install at $400 – $239 for two is really starting to sound like a bargain.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

These stickers will last you up to five years and are an effective way to promote you and your business -, wherever you go.

Your artwork is free, and you have your second, identical sticker thrown in as a bonus – absolutely free.

Use the form on this page to send me a message.

None of us promotes our businesses enough. We are too busy working in our business and not on our business.

For just $237 delivered, you can have two effective window sticker ads running for your business for up to five years.

Let me be frank, you and I have both wasted a lot more on advertising than $239. Sometimes it works – other times… well.

Now just think how many times your car window ad will be seen over the next five years, and in your local patch too, where it matters most.

Do you think it will make a difference? And each for less than $4 a month.

Your Rear Window Sticker Proof artworkRemember, in business, it is the little extra you do that makes all the difference. That extra phone call, that one little thing you do, that one extra reminder to your prospects, that will move you past the tipping point and help move you towards your goal.

That’s it, and thanks for staying with me.

I am passionate about this stuff and I guarantee I will provide you with far more value than you ever pay for, this really is a great offer…

I hope I can help you during my intro special too.

Have a great day and the best of success to you and your business.

All the Best

Steve Scott – The Vinyl Banner Guy

I am here to help you, Contact Me for Any Info You Need