The Trend in Wedding Celebrations

The growing marriage trend these days in Australia is to celebrate your wedding in a more personal and more modest way.

The Wedding Registry office is a far cheaper alternative to a church ($300-$500 as opposed to $1,000?s) and the money normally allocated to paying for a lavish catered church affair is being channelled into home ownership, and I personally applaud this more prudent tendency.

Over the past few months I have been astounded by the number of couples, people soon to be wed, who have chosen to celebrate their wedding or at least host their own wedding reception in the comfort of a family home.

Wedding Banners are A Very Trendy Item
Wedding Banners are A Very Trendy Item

To help make their wedding unique and personal, my wedding banner clients had me help them with a simple, economical and elegant way to set the tone for their wedding celebration regardless of the location. In fact, the wedding banner is fast becoming the trendy way to help make this happen.

Sometimes my wedding banners are used at the front gate to simply help guests find where the wedding reception is being held.

Cute Wedding Banner
Cute Wedding Banner

Other times it is displayed behind the bride and groom to help focus the festivity and attention their way, and sometimes my wedding banners are just for a bit of fun.

What I usually recommend to all my wedding banner clients is that they have all their guests write on the flip side of their wedding banner to help celebrate and commemorate the occasion.

Over the coming years their wedding banners can be rolled out, and pleasure taken in remembering that special day, the friends and family that were there to help celebrate the occasion and to a signed wedding banner to help bring that moment alive again, in a much more personal way than a photo or DVD video of the event can.

Wedding banners are quite the rage in the US right now (check out the tabloids around Hollywood), with the trend becoming increasingly popular in Europe and Asia.

Elegant Wedding Banner
Elegant Wedding Banner

If you are hosting your own wedding or helping of a loved one to tie the knot, a wedding banner may be the perfect wedding gift, better than a card or telegram, a wedding banner will last forever.

It is the perfect memento to bring out at an anniversary or family gathering, and it will bring joy and fond memories to everyone concerned with your special wedding day.

A wedding banner can cost as little as $99, I can include pictures of the bride and groom, add your own special wedding message, and have your wedding banner themed just the way you want. What ever you can think of is possible and I can make your wedding banner for you and have it delivered to your door in as little as 7 days.

If you would like me to draft you up some artwork for you, fill in the form below, I?ll do all your artwork free, absolutely no charge at all, as a special wedding gift for all my wedding banner clients, let me help you make your special wedding day even more special.

Thanks for reading and all the best for your future together,

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