Club Registration banners

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Dear Fellow Sports Enthusiast

A Sports Club Registration Banner is a simple, cheap and very effective way to have new people join your club.

And not just players.

The seasonal registration time of year for your club offers you a great opportunity.

No only can you promote your club for new player memberships, that’s a given.

Club Registration banner photoJust as importantly you can use your club registration signs to publicise your club to your area.

Remind your neighbours you’re there, and stimulate interest from prospective fans too.

These people who live near you, and will drive past your registration banner most every day. Likely for a couple of months (or more).

Only a percentage of them can register as players.

The rest of the people seeing your club’s sign may want to be involved too. Don’t cut them out.

How many of these people driving by your sign, can become fans, club supporters and maybe even sponsors…

Why not think about them on your registration sign too.

This can be as simple as adding a message to your Club Registration banner. Maybe something like –

Come Cheer Us On, We’re Locals”.

You can have any message you like, anything you think will work for you.

Sports Club Registration Sign

It’s up to you.

Just remember it is a super opportunity to do more good for your club.

New Members, new supporters and of course the elusive new sponsors too.

Think of these other people in your message, make your registration banner work harder for you. It costs no more than thinking about your banners potential in a different way, I can help, and make your banner look super too.

Free Run Through Banner Clubs Only - SorryYou can never have too many people involved positively with your club. It’s a sign of your clubs vitality and growth. Something every club needs.

Your Club’s, Sports Registration Banner can help do this, think about it.

Don’t settle for a standard club registration banner. Your club is not standard.

Why shouldn’t your banner be special too?

You Club Registration Banner Checklist

  1. Make Sure Your Rego Banner Does Its Job – New Player Registration Info.
  2. Look Good. – Reflect Your Clubs Spirit, be Eye catching
  3. Interest New Fans & supporters
  4. Catch the Attention of Local Businesses (Future Sponsors)
  5. Make the Dates Easy to Change (first Years Date Change Stickers – free)

My Sports Club Registration Banner start at just $99 standard artwork is free and as Awesome as I can make it for you.

You can contact me using the simple contact form near the top of the page.

A question I often get asked is;

How Long Do Registration Banners Last?

I have a local Netball club as a client, not far from me. I deal personally with Tracy.

Tracy originally ordered her clubs banners 7 years ago (in 2016). She emails me every year to make stickers for her to change the dates on her Netball Registration Banners.

This is the third time I have made stickers to change the registration dates on Tracy’s Netball banners (they have a couple). Add a year to that. The first year they had their banners, the dates were right then :).

So it is now four years in service and counting.

As a Rule of thumb, I say my club banners are good outdoors for 18 months to 2 years. Given that a club registration banner is not on duty 365 days, their useful life can be very long. Likely five years or better.

My banners last this long because they are made to last. I use a super tough PVC vinyl for all the vinyl banners in my range. Not the paper thin stuff.

Add to this double reinforced edges (all round) and metal display eyelets for easy up and down. Your clubs registration banners can last you for a very long time.

In fact, I am so confident your banners will last, as an extra bonus, I will even print your banners first years date change stickers free (for next rego. season). Give me a shout when you need them.

If you are interested in finding out more on how I can help promote your club, use the form near the top of this page. I will be very happy to help.

Banners are simple and effective. The secret to really making yours powerful is to use someone who cares about your project.

Whether you need one banner for your club or fifty. You will be treated with the same care and respect I give to all my clients.

Banners are as dumb as dirt but they work. Together we can make your club registration banners are working harder for you and doing exactly what you want them to.

All the Best for the New Season

Steve – The Vinyl Banner Guy