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Markets to me represent free enterprise at its most fundamental level.

Whether you are involved with farmers markets, car boot sales or any type of market for that matter, the best way to maximise your business is to interact with more people.

Remember Your First Market Experience? I Do

I remember my first experience with markets. What an eye opener. I was selling some older computers I had picked up at the right price at auction. I was a computer consultant at the time and cannibalised these computers to put together a few good ones that worked well, like a charm in fact.

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These were older machines sure, though I knew there was a need out there with a lot of people who wanted and needed a computer (a basic computer) but couldn?t afford the latest and greatest wiz-bang models from a big store.

Perfect I thought, I had the right commodity (a cheap computer), I knew there was a demand, my price point was good, this will be easy – I thought.

Not so. I set up my machines, even managed to organise myself some power for demonstration purposes. I was ready to do business. “Market Style”.

What a long day it turned out to be, I spoke with a few people, some trying to work out what I was doing, most of them though fellow market entrepreneurs, offering this new comer some seasoned advice.

Some Old Wisdom Came My Way

At the end of an uneventful day an old gentleman came up to me and introduced himself. I had seen him earlier, a fellow marketeer at a very busy stall; he seemed to be busy all day and was obviously doing quite well. “What you got here young fella” he said. “Computers” I replied.

Trestle Table Market Banner - A Great Way to Silent Sell
Trestle Table Market Banner – A Great Way to Silent Sell

He asked me how things went. I must have had that hangdog look that said not very well because before I could answer he started asking me questions.

First about the computers I had up for sale, where they came from, what they had installed on them, how old they were, where they any good and finally how much was I charging.

After a few minutes of telling him all about the computers that I quite literally knew inside and out he said to me “You know your stuff don’t you”.

I explained to him my other job was as a computer consultant, and was all about helping people to get the most from their computer systems.

He told me he thought I should have done well for myself that day, good prices, knew what I was on about and a good product. He told me I should have done well except that I had something missing. “What” I said, eager to learn from this veteran.

He looked around my stall and looked at me and said “You haven’t got any signs, how will anyone know what your about without a sign.”

I looked at my stall, everything was there that I thought I needed, but this gentleman was 100% right. There was not one single sign to be seen. Not one thing to tell anyone anything about what I had on offer.

Potential Customers Were in the Dark

Computers can be a little intimidating to people who have not used them before, so most of my potential customers were scared to come up and ask about my wares. My potential customers couldn?t tell that I had computers for sale that I prepared especially for them. I had let them down and in the same token let myself down too.

Not only did I miss out on sales, people who could have really benefit from one of my cheap computers missed out too. All because I didn’t have a single sign to let them know what I had on offer and what I was try to do for them?

The words of a person I greatly respect Earl Nightingale, came flooding into my mind. “Help enough people to get what they want, and they will help you get what you want.”

That day I did not help enough people get what they wanted and needed. But I learned a valuable lesson.

The kindly gentleman who had shared this wisdom with me must have taken a little pity on me. He eventually purchased one of my computers just as I was packing up, I helped him carry it to his car. While we walked he said “Remember son, a business without a sign, is a sign of going out of business“.

I have never forgotten the lessons of that day, and often reminisce about that day and the gentleman who cared enough to share his experience.

Who knows, may be that’s why I am doing what I do with market banners and banners generally online today.

Custom Market BannersHelping people like you, someone whose business is markets. Helping you with your own market banners and signs. In just the same way as I needed help way back then.

Do you need a helping hand with a market banner for your stall?

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The Golden Rule

Remember help enough people to get what they want, and they will help you get what you want.

What ever kind of market banner you need, large or small I can help.

My Market Banner Guarantee

My personal guarantee to you is that you will get more benefit and more return from your market banner than it will ever cost you to own. It is not a cost to your business it is an investment in making your market business grow.

If you have a market banner query, please feel free to use my quick enquiry form located below. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about market banners and market stall banners and will be pleased to help you in every way I can.

Let me wish you every success both now and in the future.

Thanks for reading

Steve Scott
The Market Banner Guy

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