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Are you part of the live entertainment industry?

Backdrop Specials for Australian Bands & Entertainers

To most outsiders, being an entertainer elicits ideas of glamour and excitement. What they don’t see is how tough doing Gigs these days can be.

Gig Backdrop for the Black Dogs

In my opinion, conditions now must be more challenging than at any time in the past.

Band Banners Are Very Effective Ways To Promote Your Show

Thanks to mobile internet,  smart phones numbering in their millions locally (billions world wide). There is so much “noise” online it has become tougher today to get your share of public attention that ever before.

Woven Band Banner, Tyler James

So How Can You Stand Out?

Social Icons Promo Banner
Help Your Audience Engage With You while performing and after your show

How can you help your show cut through all the other noise and distractions that follow us… everywhere?

One way is to take advantage of the technology wave & maximise your impact, while at the same time raising the awareness of the audiences that see you live.

You need to brand yourself and your performance, so you can capitalise on all the hard work you have already put in.

The answer can be as simple as a Band Banner (Gig Backdrop).

Gig Stage BackdropSo what does a Gig Backdrop offer you as an entertainer.

They help brand your performance and your show, to help potential fans know who you are (& where they can engage with you online).

What I like is that your Band Banner does this at the perfect time, when your crowds attention is on you, on stage, performing.

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A themed band banner removes any ambiguity about who’s performance they’re enjoying. And they do this without being in “your audience’s face”

In fact, I guarantee you will see your audience reading (or looking) your backdrop even before your on stage.Dual Gig Backdrops for SevenHurtz

Your current fans will get a kick out seeing you with a more professional look on stage. While at the same time helping would be fans identify with you more easily.

Banner-Guy-FB-Page-QRCodeYou could have your Facebook link or  a QR Code, just a thought…

This may sound like it’s a little off the track to what you do (ie. entertain people). These days though you have to take care of your promotion as Custom Gig Backdropmuch as your performance or show, that’s why you’re here.

What a loss to have a new fan see you for the first time, enjoy your performance only to have them unsure of who you are.

Or worse, get your name wrong and possibly let someone take your cred for your hard work.

How many times has this happened to you already?

Your Band’s Backdrop will stop this cold. It will never happen again.

You work hard to be the best you can be at what you do. Gig Backdrop for TripleThreatWhy not give your performance an extra chance to help grow your reputation and your following by removing the guess work of who you are.

It is hard for someone like you in the entertainment industry to understand how a lay person could walk into a gig and not be 100% aware of who they are actually seeing perform.

You are in the entertainment industry. You go to every gig knowing exactly who you want to see. Regardless of whether it’s the first time of the 100th time you have seen the performance.

It’s not the same for most everyone else.

first band bannerWhy miss the opportunity of a casual observer becoming a loyal fan.

And your band banner can show more than just your name.

Gig banners can be BIG too, I use woven fabrics for these exclusively now.

I used to use PVC Vinyl back in the day, it’s a good product but to be honest, it is a little “Old School” now. And it is impossible to work with large sizes.

The main reason why is PVC Vinyl doesn’t like to be folded. This makes it is difficult to store and transport.

And if you do fold a Vinyl backdrop instead of rolling it, vinyl creases,  this will i(n a very short time) make your backdrop look like Sh%&#*&!

Your Gig Backdrop Can Be You Album Cover

Your band banner can show who you are and deliver a message to help reinforce and augment your performance.

Folded 2x2mtr BackdropBest of all band banners can be a cheap, effective alternative to help bring your message to your audience.

They are easy to erect, easy to take down, they travel well and fabric band banners take up very little space as you can see here.

Your band banner will also last you for years with the right care. This makes your investment in your own self-promotion a few dollars each time you use it – literally.

If you have been thinking of a banner for your band (or yourself), you have come to the right place.

My standard vinyl band banners start from as little as $297 and if you want you can have any shape or sized band banner you want (Steve’s Band Banner Sale).

Your band banner will be worth your investment equal to dozens, if not 100’s of times any price you pay to own it.

You buy it once and it offers you a major return, on stage, at rehearsals and in your videos too.

You’ve been thinking about this for a while now, why else would you be here? A band banner will work for you and my backdrops are the best value in Australia.

I can talk about my backdrops all day, though rather than me rant on, if you haven’t already watch the quick Unveiling video above by another Aussie Band “Krave”.

For the most part I do my best to keep your artwork FREE and I can have your banner on its way to you in about 14 days (my turnaround times are 8 to 10 working days right now, so give me a little time if you can 🙂

To find out more, use the Band Banner Contact Form on this page. You can ask me anything you want about band banners, there is no obligation.

It really is easy – promise.

Thanks for your time, if you do need a hand I look forward to hearing from you and helping you level-up your next performance with your new band banner.

And All the Best to You and The Band


The Band Banner Guy

Agent86 On Stage

2 x 2 metre Woven Blockout Gig Backdrop