Christmas is an important time of year, especially if your Christmas is a busy time for your club, your church or your business.

These days it is safe to say that we would all like to be more successful. What success means to each of us comes in many forms. For some it could mean more people attending your church. For others success may be more customers buying your merchandise or using your services or success may simply mean more members joining your club or organisation.

Whatever success means to you, the chances are you looking for a straightforward, cost effective way to help more people find you this coming Christmas. My solution to this problem is a vinyl banner.

A Christmas banner is a cheap and effective alternative to all other forms of advertising and static signage, especially at this time of year. a Christmas banner is a cost effective, highly targeted, and may just be the answer you have been looking for.

Below is a small sample of the type of help I can give you with your Christmas banner this year.

My Christmas vinyl banners start at just $99 each (including GST), this even incudes my fully personalised vinyl banners and I?ll even help you with your artwork and design ? FREE of charge.

Custom Christmas Banner

Fully Customised Vinyl Christmas Banners

This is a custom Christmas banner I did recently for an regular client of mine from Queensland. This Christmas banner uses a traditional theme, red background and holly, reindeer around the border.

A Christmas banner of this type can be customised with any message you like. This was originally made in a 2,400mm by 800mm Christmas vinyl banner format which is priced at $149 including GST. This Christmas Banner design also works with my Yardstick size banner (1,800mm by 600mm) and will cost only $99 including GST.

Aussie Christmas Sale Banner

HUGE Christmas Sale Banner


This is one of my favourite Christmas Banners. The metallic background combined with the Aussie Santa Claus leisurely sipping at his drink in a great eye catcher.

The yellow lettering on a near Black/Grey background gives plenty of contrast and should be easy to read at distance out to 130 metres even in the smallest available size (ie. TheYardstick is my smallest standard size at 1,800mm by 600mm, That?s about ? the size of your standard front door).

HUGE Christmas Sale Banner

Here is another of my HUGE Christmas Sale banners, this Christmas banner uses the red background and the reindeer border combined with Aussie Santa Claus for added interest and visibility.

The squarer shape of this kind of banner also adds to its eye catching ability. It is available in sizes from 1,800mm wide and 1,200mm deep upwards. This entry level size for this model is $165, as always my prices all include GST.

This like all my Christmas banner designs can be customised and personalised to make your Christmas banner unique. I?ll do any changes to the message for you and rework the composition of any of my Christmas Banner range , all FREE of charge.

New Year Sale Banner

The New Year Sale Banner Carries Your Promo Christmas thru to The New Year

Once again Aussie Santa Claus puts in an appearance on this New Year Sale Banner. Though not really a Christmas banner the theme does take advantage of this time of year and could be used from Christmas right through to January without any problem.

This New Year Sale Banner is also available in Green, Blue and yellow and as I have said earlier should you want anything special, all you need to do is ask. My artwork is FREE of charge and I am happy to help you in any way I can to get the most out of your new Christmas / New Year Vinyl Banner.
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If you would like more information about a Vinyl Christmas Banner of your own, please feel free to contact me using the link to my Quick Enquiry Form Below.

Best of Success? to you and I hope this Christmas is your best ever.

Kind Regards


Steve Scott ? The Christmas Vinyl Banner Guy