As you could imagine the vast majority of vinyl banners I create for my clients are four sided, squares or rectangles ranging in size from the quite small picture posters (about the size as a piece of A2 paper) with commercial and advertising banners right up to banners the size of a large dance floor. There are no real limits on what is possible.

Wangi RSL Chocolate Wheel Vinyl Banner
Wangi RSL Chocolate Wheel Vinyl Banner

However the other day I had an unusual request that came from my local RSL club on the shores of lovely Lake Macquarie in New South Wales (Australia). My banners hail from my offices in Wangi Wangi (pronounced won-gee won-gee) in NSW.

The Wangi Wangi RSL Women?s Auxiliary were interested in making a Chocolate wheel as part of their fund raising efforts.

Now like most RSL?s there is no shortage of skilled volunteers to help out, so creating the mechanics of their Chocolate wheel was no real problem for them. The face of the chocolate wheel however was a little bit more difficult.

To have a sign writer do the job would have been quite expensive so the ladies decided to come to see me for an alternative and some help.

The chocolate wheel banner design though quite straightforward did have several challenges. Firstly it is very important to the RSL organisation to make sure the use of their Shield (or logo if you like) is handled in a very dignified manner. The RSL Shield was to make up the centre of the design. The RSL colours too have to be exact right and the shape and aspect of the RSL shield must be treated in exactly accordance with the RSL?s wishes. Of course I was happy to oblige.

Without boring you with details of how tricky it can be to precisely divide a circle accurately in 100 segments, with each segment having its own random chocolate wheel number, each number exactly centred and made to sit 30 millimetres from the edge. The design took me about 10 hours to complete.

How much did the Wangi Wangi RSL Women?s Auxiliary pay for my help with their chocolate wheel artwork? Not one cent. I take great pride in keeping my prices as low as possible, especially when times are economically challenging. And I take my free artwork guarantee very seriously.

If I can do your artwork in a reasonable amount of time, you will never pay one cent for any design or marketing support I provide for you. This is just another way I can provide extra value to all my vinyl banner clients and be comfortable that everything I provide for you will have more worth, much more worth than any time or money you invest in getting a vinyl banner of your own.

Thanks for reading.

To your happiness, and your success now and into the future.

Steve Scott ? The Vinyl Banner Guy

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